Enhance paediatric first aid training review

Disclosure : I was given the opportunity to do this course for free in exchange for a review on my blog.

It is every parents nightmare  for their child to get ill. The thought of your baby stopping breathing or starting to choke is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end.

So the best thing we can do is not spend time worrying about it, but to prepare for how you would handle such an event should it occur.

Enhance first aid services  booked me onto the 12 hour paediatric first aid course. It took place over 2 Saturdays or it is available as an evening course over a longer period.

It costs £65 and at the end of the course you do both a practical exam and a multiple choice paper. If these are passed the you are a certified first aider. This qualification lasts for 3 years and then must be re taken to remain certified and up to speed with current best practice as medical procedures change.

The course was informative and covered:

Allergic reactions
Head injury
Hypothermia and heat stroke
and sprains and strains

It was taught in a very hands on way and was easy to digest and understand.

The over all thing for me was the confidence I  now feel in the event of an emergency. Despite having done paediatric first aid before I had always worried at the implications of doing it wrong.

CPR in particular. But very plainly put if a child has stopped breathing they are DYING. If their heart has stopped they are technically DEAD.You cannot make them more DEAD but you can save their life by administering those rescue breaths and chest compressions. The worry here is breaking a child's (or adults for that matter) ribs but better to be alive after receiving CPR and with damaged ribs than dead with the ribs intact.

Sorry to put it so bluntly but it really hit it home to me what a valuable skill first aid is, not just as a nursery nurse but as a parent too.

If you have no idea what to do in an emergency should it arise then read up or do a course. It could just be the most valuable lesson you have ever learnt.

These are my views and experience of my first aid training. Training should always be given by a first aid specialist.

(Oh, and by the way I PASSED!)


Wooden sandpit ***review***

*We were sent this item for free in return for a review

We love wooden toys in this house. So when I was approached by the lovely Wooden toyshop to sample whatever I liked (within a set budget) for a review I didn't hesitate and chose this  sandpit for our garden.

Monty is so enamoured with his sandpit we often find him playing outside early in the morning before nursery. Which does then equate in a sandy nursery uniform but never mind.

It's just the right size for our very small garden, and being wooden blends nicely with our decking and doesn't intrude in the way a garish plastic one would.

I was very surprised at the £44.99 price tag which includes the cover as well. We just had to add the sand! Great value for money and would make a great gift for a child with a summer birthday.

My only bug bear is the soft cover is quite hard to pull over the hexagonal shape. I seem to get one side sorted and then the other side pops off and have often ended up straddling the sandpit with my butt in the air trying to get all the sides covered. Also, if it has been raining, which it has this month when removing the cover the rain invariably ends up in the sandpit.

Other than that small moan it is a  great value , classic toy. Easy to put together and will give Monty and Blossom years of enjoyment.


Rainy days with my children

This month has seemed to have more wet days than any other I have experienced and to say I have irrational hatred for this month of June would be vastly understating the point.

June 2011 was  a total washout and an utter plonker and needed to have a word in it's own ear and buck up and dry out and just basically sort it out.

Thanks goodness we have sunshine today or I would have developed some sort of weather directed tourettes and been the mad lady shaking her fist at the sky. Actually we do have a tourettes chap that lives by us so for pure originality's sake I'd have to come up with a different mode of attack.


These are the things that have made me happy this sodden month

You see rainy days are perfect for making colourful splodges on paper and whilst we're waiting for our art to dry well it would be rude not to make biscuits wouldn't it?

And unfortunately we always seem to eat them all before Daddy gets home. Sorry about that.



Monty seems to be infatuated with joining things together. He constantly requests ''Mummy can you get me just a little bits of rope because I just have to tie some things together.''

The toy boxes are full of cars joined together with string. The boy loves the stuff so much I just took this photo of him in bed with his beloved string.

I just don't get it. But then again. Not many things small boys do make sense. Well, to anyone other than themselves of course.


It had to happen of course but taking steps is a skill my girl seems to have managed in the blink of an eye and we feel like she was born upwardly mobile.

Trips to the park have definitely taken on a whole new dimension and we seem to be on the cusp of a whole new element of fun. Running around after this small tubby gal is exhausting but exhilarating. She seems to travel at the speed of light and in the time it takes for me to fetch the wipes from the change bag she always seems to be in some kind of imminent danger.
With the steps come big girl shoes. But that is a whole other post entirely as I seem to hate most of the affordable girls shoes available and only fall in love with ridonkulously expensive footwear. Best foot forward and all that.


Don't hate me but...

I want to stay at home and be the one looking after my children.

This is not a post knocking working Mums, nothing of the sort but it is a post about choice.

 I haven't posted in a while.  And mostly it's been because the big money, work, childcare debate has been taking over mine and the gorgeous husbands lives. We need more money, but all I earn could be eaten up by childcare. And round and round and round again.

Huge arguments have been had.

When I was on maternity leave with Monty as my time off with him was drawing to an end I knew by the quickening of my heart and the panic setting in that I couldn't do it, couldn't leave him. Coupled with the fact I worked in childcare I felt sad at the thought of going to work to take care of other peoples children, when what I really wanted to be doing was taking care of my own.

So I set about registering as a home based childminder, it was the best decision for all of us and I loved it (aside from the fact my home resembled a nursery and I became a bit taken with cleaning.As people were paying me to take care of their kids- In my mind that meant my house had to sparkle!)

Monty started preschool and then Blossom came along and my childminding came to a close and I settled into my routine of another maternity leave this time with Blossom.

I love it, I thoroughly enjoy the beating of the drum that is what some might describe as the monotony of family life. I enjoy the baking and the painting and the snuggling on the sofa on rainy days with my two precious little people.

But we do desperately need more money.

I have recently obtained a qualification and this meant that I was able to apply for jobs that I wouldn't have been able to before. So I applied, and went to interviews and worked out financially that after tax, national insurance, childcare and petrol that my salary virtually halves.

The thought of leaving my children with someone else 4 or 5 days a week, then my policeman husband rarely getting a weekend off and THEN having little more to financially to show for it was a little too much to bear.

So, I'm continuing with the social media work that I've been doing with Claire, someone I've been hugely indebted to as this work has allowed me to be at home with Monty and Blossom. And I shall be going back to childminding.

I do wonder if I'm letting all the feminists down by not going out there into the world of work. But isn't feminism about choice?

But for now, this is right for me, and for my family.

And that's what it's all about right?

I'd love to know your views, were you deperate to stay at home with your kids or do you enjoy the independance you get from working? Do you work because you had to or did you want to go back? Is there ever a right choice? Is there really a choice? What do you think?


Creating traditions

The older Monty and Blossom get, the more I am realising that I want life to be about the experience of an occasion ( I'm talking Christmas and Easter here.) Rather than the stuff it brings (I'm talking piles of plastic crap and double figure of Easter eggs.) Not that they get much of a look in at the eggs as I eat them for them for medicinal reasons.

Anyway it is on that ilk that we spent Easter in a park hunting eggs.

The excitement Monty had at snaffling springtime treats from the trees was blissful to watch

Blossom watched her brother in bemusement. Already can't wait to see her with her basket next year.

This is a part of parenthood that I am seriously enjoying. Watching the magic and seeing them believe.

This summer the plan is to go camping and partake in a dusk fairy search. I want it to be the children wearing pyjamas, with torches, little lit tea lights, letters in elf scrawl and treats left by the fairies.

I can't wait.

(Monty's super cool trousers  were made by Nat at Sophie 4 Sophie - they were an Easter treat for both the kids and I love them. Because quite fittingly they make my children look totally Innocent. Which is exactly how it should be. Thanks Nat.)

Dear kids. Sorry Mummy has gone a bit crazy over the royal wedding.

If you had asked me about the royal wedding a few weeks ago I would have scoffed at the cost at the tax payers expence.This  based on the fact that I am married to a police officer and public sector cuts are hitting us hard and blah blah blah!

I also had reservations as to the role model of marrying a rich prince and all your wishes coming true. I'm not so sure how healthy that is.

But anyway.


The closer it got the more excited I became. For the children of course. I arranged for us to spend the day at the park with our family and watch it on massive screens while scoffing a picnic. I wasn't born when Diana and Charles married so I suppose I was excited that this was something that was happening in both my childrens lifetime.

But on the day itself, I seemed to go a tad bonkers.

Both Monty and Blossom were dressed in red ,white and blue.

I was overcome with emotion at what was a beautiful day. I question my hormones frankly.

Memorabilia was purchased, we have fridge magnets, flags, mugs, newspapers and magazines. All for the childrens memory boxes you must understand.

Now I am obsessed, I keep googling for new facts, I must know where they are going on honeymoon I MUST!

And not only that, it is contagious, this wedding fever. Monty has stalked all  the newspapers with me. Looking at 'that man and lady who did a kiss.'

He is even planning his own wedding now. He will be marrying me, and there will be a steel band.


Let's play silly games

Monty: Let's play a silly game Mummy!

Me: Ok you have to ask me questions to try to get me to say yes or no, if I say yes or no you win the game.

Monty: Ok. Yes.

Me: Ask me a question then.

Monty: Why?

Me: To make me say yes or no.

Monty: Yes but I already said yes. Yes yes yes! I win.

Daddy : No you have to try to make Mummy say yes with your questions, like this.
             Mummy are you a good driver?

Me: I'm ok

Daddy : See ?

Monty: Ok.


Tugs at my sleeve

Monty: Say yes Mummy. Could you say the word yes?

I don't think he got it.


A meme that I finally pulled my finger out and did!

 My blogging buddy Mumra has tagged me in this meme started by Kerry Jean Lister.I quite like a meme but I am ridonkulously bad at remembering to do them. In fact I think Mumra tagged me in one where you get your kid to draw a picture of you. And I have forgotten to do it. Sozzles Mumra. But she obviously still likes me as she has inflicted  tagged me with this. So anyhoo, here goes.

Which living person do you most admire, and why?

My Nan. I adore her. Big style. We are very close.

When were you happiest?

Right here right now baby!

What was your most embarrassing moment?

After having Blossom I was carrying her down the stairs to pass to someone so I could nip and have a wee. Except I didn't manage to pass her to anyone in time as my pelvic floor well......Basically I peed all over my stairs. Then burst into tears as my gorgeous husband sighed and went to grab the mop.

Aside from property, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?

Our car. Shit that's dull isn't? Why did I not lie and say  a unicorn or something.

What is your most treasured possession?

I want to say my children but they are not my possessions, as they'll only be 'mine' for the blink of an eye.  And I do not 'own' my husband as he actually loves me voluntarily! Zoiks. So it has to be my dog, Lenny, a gorgeous natured black labrador. I went into my overdraft to buy him and it was totally worth it!

Where would you like to live?

Brighton ( everyone who knows me and is reading this has just yawned. I bang on about not living in the Bn1 a fair bit!)

What’s your favourite smell?

My babies.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Drew Barrymore.

What is your favourite book?

I do not care if it is uncool. Harry Potter. Pure regression is a healthy thing no?

What is your most unappealing habit?


What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?

A gerbil. Or a rabbit. Not a sexy one an actual fluffy one.

What is your earliest memory?

With my Nan, I had a ladybird crawling on me. I was perturbed.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Really rubbish TV.

What do you owe your parents?

A lot.

To whom would you most like to say sorry, and why?

I say sorry far too often. Sometimes I feel I apologise for my own existence.I'm kind of done with always being sorry. Life is too short to be eaten up with guilt.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

James. I knew at nineteen years of age that he was the one. Nearly ten years later he still is and always will be.

What does love feel like?

Like a big blanket and a mug of tea on  a rainy winter day, coupled with the adrenaline burst of the promise of summer. Add to that the feeling you get at the promise of spring and the excitement of Christmas. That is what my love feels like anyway.

What was the best kiss of your life?

The first time I kissed James it felt like the rest of my life was starting.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

"Errrrr" (coupled with a gormless face.)

What is the worst job you’ve done?

In a theme park dressed as Gnasher the dog. I didn't last long.

If you could edit your past, what would you change?


What is the closest you’ve come to death?

When I was 15 I drank too much vodka and was found by a coastguard on a beach unconscious moments from hypothermia. Luckily he found me as I would have definitely died if he hadn't.

 What do you consider your greatest achievement?

This life that I am leading right now is exactly what I wished for. Not everyone gets to make their wishes come true. So I thank my lucky stars.

When did you last cry, and why?

Last week, because I felt so proud of my baby and the boy he has become. My babies can make me cry at the drop of a hat!

How do you relax?

I rarely do. I find it very hard to switch off.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

Money. Huh. Original!

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

That the people in it are what is important. No man is an island, we need people rushing through our veins to make us alive!

I'm not going to tag anyone as I am a tardy blogger and have taken ages to get round to this so everyone has probably already done it!



Picture credit

Yesterday was a good day. One of my closest friends had her second baby, a little boy to add to her brood joining a doting big brother.

Congratulations lady. I don't think I could possibly be happier for you or your gorgeous family. Which is now complete.


From Mummy, with love #2

I recently paid homage to the gorgeous letters that a favourite blogger (and friend) of mine writes to her son Piran at her blog A place of my own.

 I have had this letter to lil legs swimming around in my head for a while. Here goes.

Dear Monty,

We have had a bit of a difficult ride over the years. It has taken me a long time to work out your quirks and what makes you tick.

But you know what, sometimes if you've not worked hard at something you don't know you have it.

And I definitely have you buddy. And you have me. As you say to me daily. I love you mega.

After Blossom was born I felt like I lost you. Or lost a part of you. You were besotted with your sister but you seemed angry with me somehow. Her first year has been a hell of a ride for us and it is only now I look back I see it with clarity. You were very poorly and went into hospital for an operation, you have had a difficult time with eating and we have struggled with temper tantrums that have reduced me to tears and tested every ounce of me as your Mummy.

But you know what? I may have lost you for a small time, but now you are back and I realise how much I missed you.

You are the best friend a Mummy could have.

You chatter from the moment you wake up until the very second you drift off to sleep.

You have so many hugs for me in a day I could easily lose count.

I love the secret kisses you send me when you think no one is looking as I watch you do your weekly gym class.

No one can make Blossom laugh the way you do. Despite how much we try only you can make her laugh like a drain.

You are my special helper.

I never expected that the protective big brother would be so innate in you, if Blossom even attempts to crawl near danger you throw yourself in front of it like a human shield!

You will be four soon, in August, weeks later you will start school. You are ready. I am not.

I was once in a play (over a decade ago)and in the dressing room I found a beautiful silver ring engraved with this phrase:

''At my back I always hear times winged beast drawing near''

The truth in that was lost on me at the time, but all of a sudden it seems to ring bells in my head. Soon I will lose you again this time to 'big school.' You can't wait to go. I will sniff your neck daily until September, refuse to cut your hair, grab all the kisses I can and enjoy your free spirited urchiness before society put their stamp on you.

Nearly four years ago I gave birth to a boy, but you were the maker of me.

Love you little legs. More than you will ever know.

Mummy. x


The day where so much crap happened I can't think of an appropriate title for this blog post

Today I congratulated myself on being super frigging women as by ten a.m I had achieved an awesome amount of domesticity.

Word of warning people, never ever do that. The washing may be done, the floor may be hoovered, the bogs may be skid free, and this evenings dinner may be bubbling on the stove but listen. THERE IS SO MUCH THAT CAN STILL GO TITS UP. Sky high I tell you.

Firstly I had achieved greatness only to look down and realise that I was still in my pyjamas and smelt not dissimilar to a builders bum cleavage. Whoops. And what is that noise? Oh that would be Blossom waking from her nap. So no chance of a shower.

Blossom has had a bit of a bug so on that theme had crapped right up to her ears.  I am  a poo ninja so it takes more than that to rile me.

I wash and quickly bung my hair up so we can get out for a walk with the dog in the sunshine, we all need the fresh air. Monty still has his pyjama top on, no underwear or anything on his lower half for that matter and if you were to google feral urchin his image would pop up. Obviously not quite super women then given that I neglected to get both of us dressed.

We venture out, Monty looking less Russell Brand,I no longer smell of an armpit and Blossom has all traces of poop removed from her earlobes. Monty is on his balance bike and about five minutes into our journey my heart sinks. We are never going to get home before my fifty second birthday. Could a kid move any more slowly on a wheeled vehicle? I swear he is talking in reverse and it's actually last week on account that time is now going backwards.

Finally we stagger home but we are now stars of a black and white movie and it is 1963 or something. We eat our lunch and Blossom doesn't throw up all over the table which I take as a positive based on yesterdays bench mark.

We head back out into the sunshine, this time to the beach and with the scooter thank god. Monty narrowly misses scooting through the fresh pile of vomit of a lady who clings onto a wall as I feebly ask if everything is ok in a very high pitched voice. Apparently according to her husband she was a bit under the weather. I hate to think what that spew is going to be like under this weather. It's really hot!

Just as we get back to our house a dog runs out in front of a van as I screech and flap my arms like big bird to make the van stop. I called the owner who comes to pick the dog up as Monty informs her we are heroes. Well we are aren't we? The kid is not wrong.

Of course just as I am  about to start sorting dinner I realise I have made spaghetti bolognaise and we have naff all spaghetti so out we trundle again to pick some up and I also remember some other bits we need from Boots so we dash in there as well. Monty shouts very loudly that Mummy needs lady nappies to everyone in the shop which I do not and that is not what they are but that is now what everyone thinks I have in my basket. I would like to reiterate my pelvic floor is in top condition despite having two children and I was not buying tena lady.

It is only when I am asking the lady at the counter about nit shampoo because oh yes I forgot to tell you MONTY HAS NITS when I clock someone I know smiling at me . Shitshitshit! She heard about the nits.

'Hiya' I squeak.who says hiya I mean really? 
'You look well' she beams back at me.
'Yeah hot innit?' I reply aware that my answer has no relation to her previous statement.

Cringing I slink away trying not to scratch my own head in case she thinks I am riddled with lice.

Does anyone else have days like these because I am starting to think that a documentary is being made about me but no one has told me? I mean it's fine, as long as I get a large amount of money at the end.


Oh plop

This is a too much information blog post. If they make you come over all unneccesary then I suggest that you toddle off now as you will not like this.

Both Monty and Blossom were in the bath and I was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher. Before you scorn in disgust Blossom was in a bath chair and the bathroom is downstairs directly off of the kitchen like it is in a lot of Victorian houses. So I was within earshot and only a few feet away.

I digress.

I am emptying the dishwasher and I can hear Monty talking to his boats and Blossom making a noise that I can only compare to Shaggy  on the song boombastic.

You know the one. Playing the song in your head? That grunty growly voice?

Mr lover lover....grunt....

Got it? Yes. That.

Odd I think to myself and pop my head round the door.

I am greeted by Monty sailing his boats through  floating lumps of turd, totally unperturbed. Blossom just grins.

I scream, Monty suddenly clicks and starts shouting 'get it off me, get it off me, her plop is on me.'

Having no idea what to do first I grab him out of the bath and then grab Blossom, turn around to throw a towel around Monty and as I do Blossom finishes off what she started and proceeds to move about thus treading the offensive bodily function into the bath mat.

Gosh I knew Motherhood would be rewarding but no one told me it would be this glamorous!


Three by Nine meme

My buddy Claire has tagged me in her three by nine meme. I am crap at doing memes but as it is Claire I couldn't not.

Simply post your answers and tag your blogging buddies and learn a little something new about each other, so here you go:

Three names I go by: Bec, Rebecca and Boo

Three places I’ve lived: Gibralter, Cornwall and Brighton

Three places I’ve worked: Chessington World of Adventures, The Fold School and at home (my fave!)

Three things I love to watch: The Big Bang Theory, Glee and my really guilty pleasure 90210!

Three places I have been & love: Paris, Jamaica, Bath

Three people that email me regularly: Claire Lancaster, PR's ! and the worst for temptation - stores offering discounts. Darn it!

Three things I love to eat: Cake, cake.......CAKE!

Three people I think will respond:  Hopefully the three I have tagged. Capische?

Three things I am looking forward to: Easter egg hunts, Blossom walking, the summer holidays so I get a whole six weeks of my boy before I lose him to school.

I’d love to read a “three by nine” meme post by: Crap. I cannot remember who Claire has asked. Ok, Kelly at A place of my own, Laura at Are we nearly there yet Mummy? and Karin at Cafe Bebe.


From Mummy, with love

One of my favourite bloggers Kelly writes her son Piran a letter every few months. I always read them and they envelope me in such a feeling of warmth and love that I'd like to do the same for my children. So with homage to Kelly and Piran here is my first of hopefully many.

Dear Blossom,

You have been a very busy girl the last few months. You began crawling just after Christmas at ten months old and have left a trail of devastation in your path ever since. I could never get mad though as I watch you and your steely determination and already at only a year old I admire you.

You pull yourself up on every available surface using all sorts of things as leverage. Recently after bath time you used your brothers bits and bobs to help you up. He was not that impressed. I expect it hurt!

You walk with your brick trolly and your wooden dolly pram and everyone tends to keep out of your way as you bang and crash in to all in your wake. You walk holding just one of my hand s and i know it might not be long before you let that one go too.

You have some new teeth, seven in total. They have been causing you to be moody and make very loud screams. Much to the annoyance of your brother who covers his ears.

Monty is the source of all your amusement and you like to mimic everything he does and then fall about in cascades of delicious giggles. This is currently my favourite sound in the world and it could cure all cases of the blues I am sure.

You love nap time and as soon as you are snuggled into your sleeping bag you turn your head to the side, pop your trusty thumb in your mouth and nestle into your comfort blanket.

I am  so proud of your appetite and your ability to self feed delicious and nutritious food. Your current favourite is Mummy's home made fishcakes.

You enjoy our weekly trips to sing and sign class and love to bop along to the songs. No signs yet but you will.

It feels like only yesterday that you were passed to me, seconds after you were born. You were covered in yuck and sounded like a seagull. Despite this you were beautiful, and still are. You have eyelashes to die for and a smile that makes me want to cuddle you up immediately.

I remember our first night, just you and me in the hospital. You woke for a feed and I stirred and lifted you out of the crib and looked deep into your eyes. I was very aware of drinking in every moment of you. You looked at me in such a way that it was as though you already knew me. I have fallen more deeply in love with you ever since.

I love this time of year, the spring and the promise of newness. Lighter evenings and fresher weather. But it is even more special now as it coincides with your birth and I can't help but see your namesake Blossom on the trees and feel incredibly happy that you are here, and that I know you, and you are mine. For now.

Love you baby girl.

Mummy. xxx


A much required night off

I never realised that having children would sometimes make me crave leaving them with somebody else, shirking all responsibility and having a bloody good night out.

But this is exactly what I was craving. And this is exactly what I did.

My lovely friend Claire arranged a heavily reduced price hotel stay at The Grand in Brighton. Massive thank you to this beautiful hotel as it was a fabulous stay and I am still gutted I could not manage waffles and syrup after my cooked breakfast.

We went for a lovely meal, where the waitress was moody and walked off mid sentance during one of us trying to order. We cackled like witches and ate till we were full, and fuller.

Then many cocktails, where we drank  'cheeky ones' and people watched and boyfriended and weasel faced and laughed till tears rolled down our faces but I couldn't tell you what about.

Then a cab ride, and a gay club, and Lady Gaga and a Podium and a walk back to the hotel.

Then chatting and farting and giggling and falling asleep mid sentance.

Then waking up and eating an epic fry up and mooching around Brighton and then returning home to my babies refreshed and in need of Mummy cuddles.

Can't wait till next time girlies!

365 days

Last week  Blossom turned one.

It is a complete cliche to say that I cannot believe a whole year has passed. But it has and she is now a bouncing, bubbly ball of energy. A one year old. Gosh.

I have felt so much guilt this year since Blossom arrived. For so many things.

For not doing the same things for her that we did for Monty, in particular a massive birthday celebration.

How silly.  I look back on this special day and realise that it was absolutely perfect and exactly how it should be. No anxiety over cupcakes. No incredibly late night housework or cake icing. No stressing over large numbers of people in our petite terraced house. No keeping everybody else happy.

Just us. Us four. My gang, my brood. And a day all about Blossom.

See for yourself.

Happy Birthday Pickle.


Baby loves disco review

* I was given free tickets for myself, Monty and Blossom by Baby Loves Disco to attend this event  in exchange for writing a review. I did not receive any payment other than having our names on the guest list.

I can remember way back when I had just had  Monty finding out about this craze over in America that was just hitting our shores but only in London at the time. I was disappointed and strongly believed it would go down a storm in Brighton. I mean whats not to love about mooching along  to your fave evening establishment during the day and having a boogie with your baby? Beats rhyme time at the library hands down!

''Yeah! Lets like totally boogie yeah?''

As we arrived we were greeted by the DJ box spinning some actually pretty decent tunes ( definitely something for everyone.) And a gaggle of pint sized groupies bopping along in awe.
Monty found it all a bit much to begin with. There was a lot to take in! But  before long he was wiggling and shaking his thang in an inappropriate Lady Gaga fashion (seriously he loves her!) and emptying the snack table before dragging me over to get his face painted.

I was very impressed by the snack table, which was an open buffet of healthy snacks and juices and particularly liked the fact that it was all covered in the price of the ticket. As was the face painting. Great stuff.

Another fab fact worth mentioning is the great buggy storage, a whole floor dedicated to keeping your buggy safe. So often the bane of a Mamas life is where to put your sodding wheels!

But the moment I really fell for baby loves disco hook line and sinker was when Monty asked a member of staff where all the free ice lollies were and she told him they had all gone. His little face was so forlorn she dashed off and gave him hers out of the staff quota! Talk about service.

All needs are catered for, there was plenty to keep Blossom amused as she crawled around the play area, while the others danced.

I am totally doing crawling on nice soft carpet while my big brother struts his stuff!
There was also a cool down chill out area where the kids could grab a crayon and create some art.

Cost of a ticket is £8, and non walking babies are free. The details for the next Brighton Baby Loves Disco are HERE
and for more information about other venues are on the main website which is HERE

I really enjoyed it, and the kids experience will get better each time as it becomes less overwhelming and they get older. We will definately be at the next one in May!

Thanks so much to Baby Loves Disco.


Say Cheese!

Monty all of a sudden has taken an interest in my camera and wants to take photos as well as be in them. He has taken a lot which are of his fingers and with his entire hand covering the shot but my absolute favourite has to be this one he took of his Bobobs!



Story time (for those that listen)

This weeks entry to #silentsunday. Click the LINK to be taken to Mocha Beanie Mummy's blog to take a look at all the other entries.


Brother Max review

For the purpose of this review I was sent a bib set and a set of bowls from Brother Maxx free of charge.

I have to say I have found these scoop bibs preferable to the normal scoopy bibs on offer, most are really rigid and don't seem at all comfortable for the wearer but as these are made of cotton Blossom was completely happy in them.

I loved the concept of being able to just popper the insert in and out of the scoop and it was very easy to do this.

A scoop bib is an essential with baby led weaning as a lot of food gets dropped in the early days and instead of it being given  to the dog I was able to grab it back from the scoop and give it back to Blossom. They are available to buy for a reasonable £6.99 from amazon.
The only negative was on washing one of the inserts the edge of the bibs colour (red) ran onto the white bib itself, I would of thought the braiding used arounsd a white bib would of been colour fast?

These bowls were great when Blossom was in a high chair with a plastic tray as they stuck very well to the surface. But I have a tray less highchair and they didn't stick brilliantly to my wooden table  to be honest.I like the bright colour as it avoids staining and I love that they are bpa free so no harmful chemicals.I also thought at less than £6 for the set from amazon that they were very reasonable in price.

CLICK HERE for brother max stockists.

Words you don't want to hear while you are baking

''Mummy this bowl that we made the dough in is the bowl that I sometimes do sick in when I am poorly''


In real life

I love twitter. For so many reason that I won't bore you with but the main reason being that some of the people that you tweet become 'in real life' friends and they come to your house and bring you flowers. And that is really rather lovely.


A little bit lovely

Yesterday was one of those perfect days.

I took Monty and Blossom to Brighton, on the train as requested by Monty. We stopped by the pottery cafe on North street and Monty decorated a plate and we made foot imprints on Blossoms plate. They are to give to a very special someone on her imminent birthday.

I took them for lunch and they behaved beautifully which always makes me incredibly proud.

We spent the afternoon exploring the North Laines aimlessly, one of my favourite things to do and Monty loved looking at all the street art while Blossom looked on from the buggy.

Have you noticed that he's refrained from the inane grin that was his usual pose for pictures and is now adopting the mean and sultry look? Ever the artistic temperament.

We finished the afternoon with a trip to the toy museum, on Trafalger Street.Mecca for retro train sets and dye cast cars and buses and puppets and and and........all those things that leave 3year old boys in awe and Parents smiling at the nostalgia.

And then to top it off by chance I ran in to the lovely Naomi aka The Kids Coach and her gorgeous boy.

As always I have childfriendlybrighton.co.uk to thank for brilliant suggestions for things to do with my little people what ever the weather.

I'm only sorry that the gorgeous husband was on a night shift the night before and slept through all the fun.