A much required night off

I never realised that having children would sometimes make me crave leaving them with somebody else, shirking all responsibility and having a bloody good night out.

But this is exactly what I was craving. And this is exactly what I did.

My lovely friend Claire arranged a heavily reduced price hotel stay at The Grand in Brighton. Massive thank you to this beautiful hotel as it was a fabulous stay and I am still gutted I could not manage waffles and syrup after my cooked breakfast.

We went for a lovely meal, where the waitress was moody and walked off mid sentance during one of us trying to order. We cackled like witches and ate till we were full, and fuller.

Then many cocktails, where we drank  'cheeky ones' and people watched and boyfriended and weasel faced and laughed till tears rolled down our faces but I couldn't tell you what about.

Then a cab ride, and a gay club, and Lady Gaga and a Podium and a walk back to the hotel.

Then chatting and farting and giggling and falling asleep mid sentance.

Then waking up and eating an epic fry up and mooching around Brighton and then returning home to my babies refreshed and in need of Mummy cuddles.

Can't wait till next time girlies!


  1. Big fat "Like" to this - next time - this was the rehearsal! X

  2. Super liked!! just one question, can I come next time?!! :)

  3. I had a lovely time too, despite leaving halfway through. Hoping next time I will be off the wagon and having a few cheeky ones myself.

  4. I just dont want to hear about it .....