sleepytot review

The lovely Hello Baby Direct sent Blossom  her very own sleepytot to review.

When I was a newborn I was given a yellow rabbit which as I got older became known as 'Rab.'  He is present in many a baby picture of me, came with me on my first day at school and then when I was 22 and the gorgeous husband and I got Lenny (who was then a tiny puppy) he had his face chewed off by said puppy. Hmmmm. He now has a new face provided by my Nan, who is a very talented stuffed toy surgeon. While she was at it she gave him some furry leg warmers as his legs were looking a bit threadbare and worn. Well bald actually.

What I'm trying to say is, sometimes a toy just stays with you and I'm hoping that the sleepytot will be to Blossom what Rab is  to me. I still have him. I still love him.

It is described on the site as ''a baby comforter whose cuddly paws fold over to secure baby’s soother so it's always close at hand.'' well Blossom doesn't have a soother, she has her thumb in her mouth and her sleepytot in the other hand and it is the cutest thing to see them snuggled up together. I hope she still has hers aged 27 just like her Mummy! I wonder what she'll name him?Maybe Rab 2? Shall I force  encourage her to call him that?

I apologise for the lack of images in this post. Is anyone else having problems with getting pictures uploaded onto blogger. Actually want to rip my arm off and throw it. To show my distaste obviously.


Anyone else have a shitty smile?

As Blossom sat wedged into her bumbo shovelling food into her little gob with her little fingers I watched as she paused and the expression that crept across her face was all too familiar. One I had seen many times before on her brother.

You see, they share the same poo face.

Yes that gurney smiley face they both do when they are doing a farty party in their pants.

Which leads  me to wondering, do we all have the same number two face? Is it the family resemblance of many a generation that we all share the same appearance when we are dropping the kids off at the pool of the white porcelain variety?

I am considering jumping in on the gorgeous husband when he is taking a dump to see if he is sporting that all too familiar face that my kids do, that beetroot faced, blood vessel popping, feint poopy grin. Is it him they get it from or me? I rather think it is him, and definitely not me as obviously I never do them, and if I did I would look serene and somewhat like the mona lisa or someone equally as fab.

What about you? Do your kids share similar traits or expressions? Is it a trait shared by the whole family?Obviously not poo face. Think that's just us.


#TWINEUP! Calling all South Coast Mummy/Daddy bloggers/tweeters

We've been talking about it for months and now we have a date!

On Saturday 23rd October the lovely Cheshire Mum who I adore is arriving down south and it would be rather rude of us not to show her a good time (snigger) so, Brighton is the venue and I'm making arrangements as we speak but basically the evening will involve a lot of lovely people, cocktails, karaoke and of course the obligatory dance in a gay bar. It has to be done.

So if you want to come along,  can you leave me a comment so I can arrange numbers and drop me an email (rebecca(DOT)metcalf1(AT)ntlworld(DOT)com so that I can give you all the finalised details. Or you can tweet me HERE

Also Queen Hannah will be staying at mine,  I have done my front garden in preparation for her visit. Oh that sounds kinky. Not like that.  But anyway, if you want to be educated on the crapest TV ever, she's your gal! Reason enough to come out and play I think?

A tasty lunch with a guru!

On Monday I pootled off to London for a lunch date,having been invited by Dorling Kindersley to meet Annabel Karmel and discuss her new book and range of sauces and snacks.

I was joined by some fabulous Mummy bloggers, the lovely Katie Hill who blogs for i village HERE and Mumsrock.

Now when I initially got the invite I was in two minds, one because the gorgeous husband was off work and we've been having a stay cation whilst Monty recuperates frpm his operation so didn't want to swan off and leave him with the kids. Also the fact that I have gone down the baby led weaning route and Annabel is a puree guru.

However I was soon persuaded otherwise when the lovely contact from DK mentioned that Annabel would be only to happy to talk to me about getting Monty to enjoy food again after his operation. I also was reminded by a friend that Annabel doesn't just do purees, but also amazing finger food and family recipes too. I looked at my bookshelf, where many Annabel Karmel cookbooks already reside and decided I'd be silly to pass up such an opportunity.

Annabel was great when I opened up about Monty's eating quirks since he's had such a bad time with his ear nose and throat problems. I explained how little he eats and although what he does eat is very healthy, his diet is quite limited as he'll only eat certain things.The things that he does eat Annabel thought were great but I really would love him to have a bit more variety.

Annabel suggested:
  • as Monty has a preference for lunch/snack/tapas type food to relax and go with this. So for example he likes wraps so she suggested lots of different fillings or making quesilladas.
  • choosing a new bowl or plate that he likes and only serving small amounts so he doesn't feel overwhelmed
  • knowing that it will get better!Annabel set my mind at ease that it is understandable he eats so little after having a permanent cold for two years.
  • hiding fruit or veg in his food, blending more veg into soups or sauces. A needs must attitude!
  • Stop worrying.He doesn't eat a large variety of fruit.He only eats dried fruit,or bananas. She said not to worry as dried fruit is fruit after all!
  • Cooking and baking with Monty, she even gave me one of her toddler cookbooks to keep and it has some great recipes for family meals in.
Annabel has some great  products out such as dried fruit which is (unlike most other brands) not fried and doesn't have oil added to it, corn snacks a bit like puffed rice cakes and fabulous sauces that have NOTHING  nasty added.  Check out her website for details here but honestly I have studied the ingredients and done the taste test- huge thumbs up!

And if you are just about to wean and want some fab recipes and really good inspiration for finger food then you can buy the Weaning book HERE.


I'm sure he's plotting to bury me under the patio

I found this the other day, discretely pinned on our noticeboard in the kitchen.

I know. It is quite obvious that the gorgeous husband is plotting to quieten my incessant nagging for good. I shall no doubt be bashed over the head and buried under the patio no? Or would the decking be easier? Anyhoo, this is definitely what it is.
Except it probably isn't. But then, what is it?

Happy half birthday Blossom!

Last week Blossom turned six months so Monty and I baked her a little half birthday cake

And here's the half birthday gal

Blossom loves...

  • boobs
  • food
  • her rabbits
  • being on her feet
  • stroking faces
  • her brother

Blossom is...
  • babbling
  • nearly sitting
  • kind of rolling
  • giggling
  • saying mmmm when Mummy walks in the room (nothing to do with Mummy and more to do with milk I think!)
  • sleeping through the night- yay! twelve blissful hours.
I have no idea where the last six months have gone but if anybody knows i would totally appreciate it if you let me know.

Sharing is caring, isn't it?

I found these in the gorgeous husbands dressing gown pocket.
Hiding treats is so selfish. Unless obviously they are mine. And I've stashed them in the bathroom somewhere.Then it's fine.


A little trip to the hospital

As you all know from this post Monty had his tonsills and adenoids out last week, his ears thoroughly drained and he became the owner of some grommets.

He was so brave and coped so well with the lead up to his operation that I have to admit to being a teeny bit proud of lil legs.

He chilled out with the Peppa Pig hospital episode on his TV, and checked out the gas mask that the anaesthetist would be using

When it came to the op itself he took the transport provided by the hospital to travel in style down the corridors

It's been pretty horrible for him since the op, it's too difficult for him to understand why he's feeling like this. He was hysterical for over two hours after coming round from the anaesthetic. And has bouts of sobbing uncontrollably. It's kind of breaking my heart a bit.

I just have to keep telling myself that the really really poorly ones don't make any sound and to be thankful that he is letting us know that he is MIGHTILY PEED OFF!

Massive thanks to all the staff that looked after my boy at The Royal Alexandra Children's hospital in Brighton. They did a fantastic job and continue to do a fantastic job. I have so much respect for anyone who looks after tiny poorly people.

So there we go, all done.
(insert massive Mummy sigh)

The original no tray high chair

I have to admit to being a little bit chuffed at being sent the no tray high chair to review.

Designed in 1962 by an architect (Stephen Gip) who was frustrated by what was on offer it has become a design staple known to us all.
Find me a parent who hasn't popped their little one into one of these at the likes of pizza express, Ha Ha bar and canteen, Las Iguanas etc etc. I doubt you'll find one! Its kind of the archetype of highchairs, the Morris Minor of the kid cuisine world!
And now it's available to us, joe public. Hurrah!

So here's what I thought of it:

Great points
  • it has a fairly small foot print, not a great deal larger than an actual dining chair
  • it sits right up to the table so your mini person can enjoy eating with you
  • very easy to assemble
  • reasonable price (approx £75-85) depending on where you look.
  • easy to keep clean as there aren't too many nooks and crannies for the food to travel into
  • has a clippable safety harness (purchased for an additional £2.50)
  • its stack able, great if you have more than one child, I'm thinking twins?hell, triplets?
  • its solid, durable. I honestly think this highchair would outlive me, probably even my kids!
  • Comes in a variety of funky colours so as well as the light and dark wood it also now comes in black, white and the dreamy blue you see pictured.  The blue is my fave.

Not so great points
  • Blossom at 6 months was in my opinion too small for this. I don't personally think it is suitable until they are sitting really well at possibly 7 or even 8 months? On the flip side my 3 year old Monty wasn't too big for it.
  • It's a bit hard for a really small one, it definitely needs a cushion. They could design a range of highchair inserts in funky fabrics and parents would love them (I think so anyway.)

I asked Monty what he thought about the highchair. He said '' I think it brilliant.'' Blossom gave no comment but then to be fair, she can't actually talk yet so we'll let her off.

Photo credit- thanks to Scandinavian selection for the image.


I want it to be this time, tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be getting up, convincing Monty that going without his morning milk is a good thing and making our way to the hospital for 7.30 am.

I have been trying to pretend it's not happening but I cannot bury my head up an emu's bum any longer, apparently Rod Hull (rip) needs it back and denial (as well as not being a river in Egypt) is plainly stupid.

He is only having his tonsills and adenoids out and a couple of grommets chucked in for good measure. It is a routine op. So why do I feel sick?

The operation should change his life dramatically. His hearing will improve. He will hopefully no longer be that kid with the snot. Hell he may even eat something as he should gain the luxury of being able to breath through his nose. Hopefully the sleep apnoea will go and we may manage to get 11 hours solid sleep from him again and he'll stop being such a grouch through tiredness?

All this is great.

I really want him to have this op. I do.

But I wish that I could have it in his place.

And so I guess THAT is why I feel sick. Because THAT is what happens when you become a Mummy.  And I am learning THAT all the time.

Hopefully he'll be back to grinning like this in no time.


Five years? Five years!

Tommorow is our wedding anniversary. Five years ago I married the love of my short lifetime aged just twenty two knowing that I wanted to be with my best friend forever.

He still makes my heart skip a beat.
He is the best Dad you could ever imagine, better even.
I take him completely for granted in the knowledge that he adores me.
He makes me try to be a better person.

And his farts stink worse than mine!