An operation and a Mummy wibble

Monty has finally been given the go ahead by his ENT specialist to have his adenoids and tonsills removed.
This is fantastic news as my poor boy  suffers from awful sleep oapnia, has glue ear, a constant runny nose, dribbles 24/7, eats very little due to being unable to breath through his nose and all this has really made an impact on his life.

The symptoms feed into everything, tiredness and lack of food are not a great toddler combo. Sometimes it feels like a miserable viscious circle and it effects his mood incredibly as you would imagine.

So why am I so anxious about this op? It hopefully will be the answer to everything?

The thought of him on the operating table,he is so little, not even three yet.

Can you all just tell me it will be ok?

Pathetic wibble over,oh but it's not. YES IT IS.


And that's how Mo sees it (vol 2)

We had a bad night last night in our abode. Both Monty and Blossom are poorly sick with coughs and colds. I must of been up about four times with Blossom and Mo ended up in bed with us,cue multiple kicks to the head as he always chooses to sleep sideways and I always seem to get the foot end on my side.

I kept Monty off nursery and despite his cold he has kept the comedy coming today. Here are a few:

Mo: I hungry Mummy
Me: OK do you want these, or these ( I show him banana chips or organix crisps)
Mo: (Looking left to right quickly) WHAT?! What you showing me women?

As we eat our cheese scone for lunch
Mo: Are you gonna give Blossom some cheese Mummy? From your Boooooobies?

I'm outside with Mo hanging out the washing, Blossom is inside in her bouncy chair
Me:Mo can you just pop inside to keep your sister company?
Mo: Of course Mummy. (Arm out front superman style) TO THE RESCUE! (runs inside)

We are chatting about his birthday party coming up. It's going to be fancy dress with a superhero theme.
Mo: I gonna wear curtain just like superman. No actually I be Wobby Wotton.

So a day that could of been pants with two poorly miniatures was actually pure solid gold.

Cheers Mo. x


Blog of substance award

Ooof The lovely Mrs L J Hall  has gifted me the Blog of Substance Award. I love awards, it's like a big hug for your blog and who doesn't like a hug? People with personal space issues and huggists I guess, but I am neither so thanks for my blog hug and....what was I saying?


1) Say thanks to the blogger who awarded you

2) Share your five word blogging philosophy

3) Nominate further bloggers of substance

My blogging philosophy is....

*insert swooshing wind sound and roll tumbleweed across page*

OK I got it


The name of this blog is indicative of the frankly ludicrous quantities of Beetroots and Gherkins that I was shovelling into my gob when I was pregnant with Pickle (now Blossom)and a large part of this blog has been dedicated to diarising my pregnancy and subsequent labour. The rest is a load of shit. Well potties full of it anyway, as I verbally vomit my experiences of potty training little legs.And then there is a whole load of in between. In essence my blog is my keepsake of my babies while they are babies as I never want to forget and they will not be babies for long. SOB AND SNIFF.

Anyway, I pass this blog of substance to two blogs that I have discovered in the last few weeks and have REALLY enjoyed reading

I know I need to stop talking


Where the brass band plays


The Naughty Step

Claire at The Good,The Bad and The Ugly tagged me in this meme. All you have to do is choose who you would put on the naughty step, link back to who tagged you and tag some other peeps.

I knew as soon as I had been tagged who I would choose.

So without further ado, I give you Richard Hammond. Urgh.

I cannot stand this dude. I know he had an accident and learnt to talk again with lego and that is super duper amazingzillas.


He has awful hair.

And he is so small he makes my flesh itch. Scratching now actually! I am you know.

They actually call him the hamster, those blokes off the car programme. Cringe.

He ruined a gig for me last year. He did. I tell you for why. The Nudie Princess and I went to see The Enemy. I love their music but didn't really know what they looked like if you get what I mean?

Turns out the lead singer is a younger version of old gerbil chops.

Christ I wanted to rip my arm off and throw it at the stage I was so annoyed.

Anyway. I tag Long Tall Ally and The Nudie Princess.

I am off to be pissed off now. Can't stand that dude.


Yes but I said sorry?

Little legs has been somewhat of a little shit of late.

Awww bless him your'e thinking.

I am not kidding.

We have started to dread picking him up from nursery as for the last three weeks both The Gorgeous Husband and myself have been told of him pushing, pinching,punching and (sicks up a little in my own mouth.....) BITING. Sigh.

The nursery are concerned as its so out of character for him. And nursery isn't the only place he's been doing it, at home he's been dealing out the slaps and then looking at us with a kind of rabid look in his eye as if to say ''come on then, outside, lets 'ave it''

And the weird thing is when he does it at nursery he explains to the staff, that's it's really ok, because he said sorry.

Well jeez that's alright then. Blimey, well in that case I can think of a few people who'll be getting a slap from me in the not too distant, namely Richard sodding Hammond, or the hamster or whatever his name is. The little fella off Top gear. Cannot stand him. Any way I digress.

So basically I have come up with a plan. I'm sure this is all down to Blossom's arrival and he wants a bit of attention. We've done our best but there's two not one now and I'm splitting myself down the middle as much as possible. So I want to draw attention to the positive behaviour and try to ignore the rest.

Previously he would have a two minute time out on the sorry spot for undesirable behaviour after being given a warning. But this is losing impact so I need a different tactic.

I've made a chart for kind behaviour and we take it everywhere including nursery. He gets a sticker for being a nice chappy to others and we reward on Daddy's rest days by treating him to a day out. He wants to go swimming so all being well that's what we'll be doing.

It's been going quite well and he was excellent at nursery today.

Shit I have to wear a swimming costume.

Oh well my thighs can't have as many rolls as Blossoms.


Mas frickin titis

picture credits


A word of warning.

Mastitis sucks donkey dinkle. Ok a few words but all true.

I have just got over my second bout, I had it once with Monty which made me give up breastfeeding (only to go back to it a few weeks later.)And then I noticed the all too familiar signs this weekend whilst feeding Blossom.

It feels like you have the worst flu. Raging temperature,shivers,sweats, aching in every joint and your boobs go hard and red in area's. See the picture THAT is what it looks like. OUCHIEEEEEE!

The best thing to do is get rest, plenty of fluids, paracetamol, and feed through it. Make sure the breasts are emptied after every feed and if they are not, express the remainder off. Also get some antibiotics asap. All this advice was provided by my brillo bud Sam at The (Nudie) Princess Diaries. Follow her blog for she is funny and wise you see.

And finally a rant.

I was at my Dad's when it happened. He lives a few counties away so on our journey home I called my out of ours doctors service and was told they would not even speak to me until I crossed the border of the county I live in????