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Ooof The lovely Mrs L J Hall  has gifted me the Blog of Substance Award. I love awards, it's like a big hug for your blog and who doesn't like a hug? People with personal space issues and huggists I guess, but I am neither so thanks for my blog hug and....what was I saying?


1) Say thanks to the blogger who awarded you

2) Share your five word blogging philosophy

3) Nominate further bloggers of substance

My blogging philosophy is....

*insert swooshing wind sound and roll tumbleweed across page*

OK I got it


The name of this blog is indicative of the frankly ludicrous quantities of Beetroots and Gherkins that I was shovelling into my gob when I was pregnant with Pickle (now Blossom)and a large part of this blog has been dedicated to diarising my pregnancy and subsequent labour. The rest is a load of shit. Well potties full of it anyway, as I verbally vomit my experiences of potty training little legs.And then there is a whole load of in between. In essence my blog is my keepsake of my babies while they are babies as I never want to forget and they will not be babies for long. SOB AND SNIFF.

Anyway, I pass this blog of substance to two blogs that I have discovered in the last few weeks and have REALLY enjoyed reading

I know I need to stop talking


Where the brass band plays

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  1. Big huge hairy thank yous. Here you go: http://iknowineedtostoptalking.blogspot.com/2010/07/tagged.html