An operation and a Mummy wibble

Monty has finally been given the go ahead by his ENT specialist to have his adenoids and tonsills removed.
This is fantastic news as my poor boy  suffers from awful sleep oapnia, has glue ear, a constant runny nose, dribbles 24/7, eats very little due to being unable to breath through his nose and all this has really made an impact on his life.

The symptoms feed into everything, tiredness and lack of food are not a great toddler combo. Sometimes it feels like a miserable viscious circle and it effects his mood incredibly as you would imagine.

So why am I so anxious about this op? It hopefully will be the answer to everything?

The thought of him on the operating table,he is so little, not even three yet.

Can you all just tell me it will be ok?

Pathetic wibble over,oh but it's not. YES IT IS.


  1. oh! sweetie, I know where you are coming from I cry my eyes out everytime I watch children's hospital programmes. Just concentrate on all the advantages for him having it done, its a routine op for the surgeons. He will be fine. Nothing can stop you from worrying and being upset but just focus on all the plus points once it is all over. BIG HUG
    Karen xxxx

  2. I'm exactly the same. Charlie has to have an op for a hydrocele that he has and I'm dreading it. We've just got to remember that they're experts and know what they're doing, and all our bubba's will know is that they had a good nap! He will feel so much better once its done.


  3. You are both right. I am looking forward to it and dreading it simultaneously if that makes any kind of sense?

  4. I had major surgery just after my little one was born, and like Kate says, for him, it'll just be like he had an amazing nap. And he'll get to stay in bed and sleep for a couple of days after too... lovely. It will, unfortunately, be much harder for you, sitting around worrying about him. Try not to think about it too much beforehand as there's nothing you can do, other than prepare him, in a very practical, un-worrying way for what's going to happen.

    See if you can stay with him til he's knocked out too (not sure if this is allowed) as then he'll have no need to worry about a thing.