And that's how Mo sees it (vol 2)

We had a bad night last night in our abode. Both Monty and Blossom are poorly sick with coughs and colds. I must of been up about four times with Blossom and Mo ended up in bed with us,cue multiple kicks to the head as he always chooses to sleep sideways and I always seem to get the foot end on my side.

I kept Monty off nursery and despite his cold he has kept the comedy coming today. Here are a few:

Mo: I hungry Mummy
Me: OK do you want these, or these ( I show him banana chips or organix crisps)
Mo: (Looking left to right quickly) WHAT?! What you showing me women?

As we eat our cheese scone for lunch
Mo: Are you gonna give Blossom some cheese Mummy? From your Boooooobies?

I'm outside with Mo hanging out the washing, Blossom is inside in her bouncy chair
Me:Mo can you just pop inside to keep your sister company?
Mo: Of course Mummy. (Arm out front superman style) TO THE RESCUE! (runs inside)

We are chatting about his birthday party coming up. It's going to be fancy dress with a superhero theme.
Mo: I gonna wear curtain just like superman. No actually I be Wobby Wotton.

So a day that could of been pants with two poorly miniatures was actually pure solid gold.

Cheers Mo. x

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