Mas frickin titis

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A word of warning.

Mastitis sucks donkey dinkle. Ok a few words but all true.

I have just got over my second bout, I had it once with Monty which made me give up breastfeeding (only to go back to it a few weeks later.)And then I noticed the all too familiar signs this weekend whilst feeding Blossom.

It feels like you have the worst flu. Raging temperature,shivers,sweats, aching in every joint and your boobs go hard and red in area's. See the picture THAT is what it looks like. OUCHIEEEEEE!

The best thing to do is get rest, plenty of fluids, paracetamol, and feed through it. Make sure the breasts are emptied after every feed and if they are not, express the remainder off. Also get some antibiotics asap. All this advice was provided by my brillo bud Sam at The (Nudie) Princess Diaries. Follow her blog for she is funny and wise you see.

And finally a rant.

I was at my Dad's when it happened. He lives a few counties away so on our journey home I called my out of ours doctors service and was told they would not even speak to me until I crossed the border of the county I live in????


  1. OMG!I have just been to a walk in centre as I have mastitis for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. 3 weeks ago I was at boyfriend's mum's so saw her gp and was immediately given antibiotics and told to keep feeding and express after a feed to ensure I was empty. Today I went to the walk in centre. Was told to do 2 feeds on good side, 1 feed on bad to let the infection go. Also told not to collect antibiotics til friday!! Have just spoken to hv who basically laughed out loud, told me to get down the chemist & keep feeding. I love her. You can get so poorly so quickly, and if I didn't know any better I could have become really ill. Grrr.
    Hope you are feeling better now, and well done for drawing everyone's attention to it.

  2. It's terrible isn't it, in the old days women died from it! This is the trouble with breastfeeding, lots of people who give conflicting advice.

  3. Ai! That stinks donkey balls! Can't believe the attitude of your OOH GP. I'd have rocked up to A&E and said well the GP won't see me...

  4. It was fine in the end as I just did as I was told and called when I got home. Jobsworth though eh?

  5. Hey Mrs lady,
    Glad to hear that you and your boobs are feeling better. It's such a shame that there is an inconsistency across the NHS. Just as well you've got your friendly Neonatal nurse/breastfeedng advisor goddess type on speed dial eh? ;0)