Errrr just slide the lock to the left Monty!

You may remember from previous posts the very special relationship Monty has with my Grandparents who he calls Bobbobs and DeeDee.

They adore him, he adores them.

And at seventy years old I am always amazed at their boundless energy around him.

They make up any excuse to scoop him up and take him back to theirs, his little suitcase gets packed and he trundles off down the path with them chattering away.

This week was no different, the excuse was:

''Now we've been talking and seeing as you need to have us look after Monty for two hours while you take Blossom to baby massage, well he may as well come and stay with us for two days don't you think?''

So he drags his little suitcase off, all excited to be staying at his special Great- Grandparents house.

Apparently this time he insisted on taking himself to the toilet.

Nothing unusual, until, clink....he locks the door!

My Grandads eyes go wide and my Nans heart rate rises. ( did I mention she has a dicky heart?)


''Yes BoBobs''

''Have you locked the door?''

''Yes BobBobs''

''Can you unlock it there's a good boy''

Long pause.


Oh how I laughed! They got him out but not before he had made my poor old Grandparents voices go quite high pitched!!

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