Thank you Bob Bob's.xxx

It's quite honestly been a mo fo'ing crap couple of weeks, rewind 14 days or so...
The 'not seen for 10 years' Dad arives with his wife to stay for the weekend. We have recently got back into contact with one another and the water is under the bridge and the going is good. Weekend is going really well. Take them to Brighton for lunch.

(cue moody music).........Car breaks down, clutch GONE! Car repair worth more than car itself so some thinking is in order. We get home. In the back of a pick up recovery truck. Monty finds the whole thing incredibly exciting. Yummy Husband and I do not!

Next day, mother of all arguments with my Mother relating to every subject under the sun and some under the moon and his wife aswell.

Have a tweet meet planned with @soph4soph my twitter buddy.Monty throws up. I feel dodge.Meet up cancelled.

Monty and I escape cabin fever to stay at my Nan and Gramps house (or Bob Bobs and Dee Dee's as Mo call's them) as yummy husband is decorating our bedroom so we get out of the way. Makes sense?

We're baking cakes...my dog pukes in the kitchen. Oh.

We have dinner, Monty throws up. Twice. Luckily I am super fly with a bowl and caught the lot.

A few days pass and my Nan is due her hernia op on the Monday, Sunday eve I have back ache and feel, odd?

Monday arrives, preparing to take my lovely Nan for her op. I have the most violent gastroenteritis you can imagine. Violent I tell you. VIOLENT!

3 days pass, feel better, back still tweaky but well, I am pregnant, what can I expect?

Bend over to pick Monty up...snap! Muscle in my back goes TWANG.

DIAZAPAN and lying flat, declarations of love to all due to diazapan.

Have I mentioned before it can only happen to me? I'm sure I did in this post http://beetrootandgherkins.blogspot.com/2009/10/are-you-having-laugh.html

Throughout this though that wonderful man that is Bob Bobs ( my Gramps) has been amazing, nursing me , my Nan, taking Monty to the shops, the park, trips on the bus to buy his wine from the offie ( Bob Bobs was worried at the looks he got, clanging his bottle around whilst in the care of a 2 year old!!!)

He even took Monty overnight so that I could have a toddler free night to really try to sort my back out, rest up etc. Monty woke him up at 2.20am then again at 4.30 refusing to go back to bed, so they talked about trains, planes and adventures.
But apparently when I called up the next day to see if he had been good 'it couldn't have gone better' and 'they'd definately have him to saty again!!)

LOVE YOU BOB BOBS.xxxxx AND THANK YOUxxxxx ( And Dee Dee too.xxx)


  1. What a lovely post (despite all of the bad luck and chaos!) you had me all teary at the end. I really miss my grandparents, and wish they could have met Piran.

  2. I think that's why they are so amazing with Monty, they are so greatful that they get to appreciate him as a lot of Great Grandparents don't live to see their GGkids grow up.....I don't like to ever think of them not being here.