Pickle Progress

So, nearly 28 weeks pregnant, I feel massive, but in actual fact am probably about the same size as I was with Monty, I just have a different shape this time round.

I feel like I look as though I have a litter of kittens trying to escape my belly as Pickle is such a mover and a shaker!

My belly button has already gone pop, like an egg timer, I don't remember it popping so early last time?

I am shattered but my own fault as I do not relax as much as I should considering am growing a bambino, I just rush around as per normal, then by 4pm wonder why I am shattered!?

Monty seems excited to have a baby sister and gives my bump lots of affection which is super sweet.

I have the midwife next week, I cannot get over how little you see the midwife with a second pregnancy! They just let you get on with it, which is quite cool actually, as I can't be faffed with constantly waiting in waiting rooms especially as they no longer have mags due to the whole swine flu thing. Dull.

Heartburn has started, and I HATE rennie, gaviscon et al, so just pound my chest a la tarzan, drink milk, peppermint tea, eat yoghurt and get on with it. Oh and moan of course!

Oh and lastly check me out rocking my bump HERE, Mucho thanks to Claire for featuring me on her fabby website


  1. ooh you look fab, totally rocking your bump.

  2. You look great! I have to admit though I don't enjoy pregnancy and pics like this do make me sigh with relief that it's you and not me! Mega sympathies with the heartburn chick. Cx

  3. Haha, pregnancy is like marmite I think, either a lover or a hater, luckily I love it otherwise I could never put up with all the cramps, bad back, heartburn, bad skin, fatness......oh why do I love being pregnant again???

  4. im a hater!!! but loving the bump and thanks for the shout out.

    and is that an asos grandad cardy i spot there? i have it too!

  5. yup sure is, we love the asos Claire!