Little Me Organics Review

As I've mentioned in THIS POST and THIS ONE I like to use organic paraben free products on Monty at bath time, as I feel like he is both precious and brand new, so I'd rather not chock him up full of chemicals just yet!

So I was only to happy to oblige when I was sent these gorgeous products from the lovely people at Little Me Organics

A little bit about the company:
All products are organic ingredients, dermatologically tested, paraben free and with no SLS. They came about when ''lots of Mummy's got together to create a range that was carefully selected to be one of the best for their little ones.''

They sent me
*ssh sleepy head hair and body wash
*mmm moisture babies bath soak
*yipee playtime body cream
for Monty
and Mum to be stretch mark oil for me. Lovely!

So, the review.

Hair and body wash.
Pros: The shh sleepy head hair and body wash smells yummy, it states on the tube ''I am a very gentle formulation& have no synthetic fragrance'' hell yeah - so true, the scent has a very real smell, if you know what I mean? This particular scent is dill and organic lavender and is very relaxing for little ones getting them ready for bedtime. It brought a real shine to Monty's hair and did not irritate his eyes or scalp. Thumbs up!

Cons: at £3.99 for 150ml it is on the dearer side, not the priciest on the market but also not the cheapest. But I'll always buy it in Boots and use my advantage card points. Simples!

Bath Soak.
Pros:Again a gorgeous scent, this one was chanomile and organic lavender, again no synthetic fragrances used so the scent is not overpowering just very pleasant. It has a very milky, creamy appearance so gives the impression of being very nourishing and moisturising. Monty's skin was fine after use, and very soft.

Cons:As stated previously it's not cheap at £3.99 for 300ml, and if moneys tight it may leave you reaching for the 99p store brand bath bubbles? But that's a very personal choice, I would rather scrimp in another area and know that I was using something pure and paraben free on Monty. My other tiny nark is that it doesn't really bubble, having said that, this is probably down to the lack of chemicals so I'll happily go without fluffy white bubbles in that case!

Body cream.
Pros:nice soft fragrance (neroli,rose and organic manderin) and the cream itself soaked in quickly leaving Monty's skin soft.A little goes a long way.
Cons:Price again (£3.99 for 150ml)

Stretch mark oil
Pros:Great consistency, absorbed very easily and very moisture rich.It was also great to add to a bath to give an all over oil covering which is fab for pregnant skin which can become dry and irritated.Good price too at £6.99 for 200ml and if you look on the boots website you get extra points, honestly, just CLICK TO SEE!

Cons: I really can't think of any for this product, dead chuffed!

Where to buy
John Lewis
Toys R Us

Check out their website HERE

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