Fight! (*To be said in the style of Harry Hill)

We have had a lovely weekend, I took Monty for his first successful visit to see Father Christmas. He wasn't sure to begin with but as soon as a present was mentioned he peered out from under his blonde mop of hair and perked right up!Took the gift from the red suited bloke and all was well.

After his chat with the bearded one, Monty went for a mad dash around the toy section of the garden centre that Father Christmas happened to be chilling out in. He was in his element, playing with all the cars and trains. My Nan was trying to avoid the over friendly member of staff who was trying to teach her to play black jack or something and I was looking at the wooden toys.

Neither my Nan nor I were paying the right amount of attention to the little legged one. Suddenly I hear my Nan yell ''Bec's, Bec's- FIGHT!!!!!''

My heart hit the floor as I heard the scream '' No, No, MY BIKE! mine(ah)''
Oh crap, he always means business when he adds the ''ah'' on the end of his ''mine's''

I dashed around the corner to find a flurry of blonde hair, tangled up in a ride on bike and another blonde kid. Honestly it was like a cartoon.

The other kids Nan got involved '' she's a bit rough isn't she?''
I wasn't going to get pedantic and start insiting that she was he, and yes he was indeed rough....teeth were going to be lost here.

Eventually I managed to talk Monty round, in the mean time the other kid had lost interest and absconded to a more interesting digger.

Monty went to apologise as I instructed ''sorry little boy!'' ok well not exactly as I instructed but better than nothing.

Drama over and I was left with one lasting thought.

I have got to get my boys hair cut.

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