Jackson Reece baby wipes review

A fab product landed on my doormat with a review request!

Jackson Reece biodegradeable baby wipes with organic ingredients. Sound good? They are!

They smell amazing and are so kind to delicate skin. Monty's skin is so sensetive and he did not come out in any sort of irritation. Thumbs up from me Jackson Reece.

Look out for Jackson Reece Soothing
Herbal Wipes in the baby aisles. If you'd like
to buy these wipes at your local store let them
know; or even better, tell the store manager.

Also available in independent chemists and health stores.


They are the higher end of the price point at £1.99 per pack (72 wipes.)
But having said that I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for with wipes as anything cheap has ALWAYS brought Monty out in a red raw bottom.

The wipes are biodegardeable and compostable so smugness to you if you purchase them in the lowering of carbon footprint stakes.

Even the packaging is degradeable!

The are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and approved. They never test on animals. Phewy! So they are as kind to our four legged friends as they are to our two legged urchins!!!!!!

As only the purest most natural ingredients are used they are suitabla for use on bubbas with ezema and sensetive skin. The kinder by nature wipes contain a naturally herbal blend of ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender and soothing aloe vera. They are SLS,SLES, paraben, alcohol and lanolin free. So they are perfect for faces, hands and bottoms.

For more information CLICK HERE

I thoroughly recomend you do!

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