Review Time- METHOD ''people against dirty''

I have mentioned before in a previous post how particular I am when it comes to Monty's toiletries.

So when Method sent me some baby cleansing products I was only to happy to give them a whirl.

I was sent not only baby smellies but also the antibacterial spray as well. Which I was quite chuffed about as I have long had aspirations to be one of those women who squirts squirts environmentally friendly cleaning products willy nilly, but am usually scuppered on price.

So here's the review!

method all purpose

Method say :

is a powerful surface cleaner made with naturally-derived surfactants. It works by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it. And method is biodegradable so you can clean your home without flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain into our rivers, lakes and oceans. We're against that. Dirty doesn't have to roll downhill.
We think clean smells more like lavender than ammonia or bleach, so we have added lavender oil.

It costs £3 which ok is not cheap as you can probably pick up a store own brand antibacterial spray for around a quid BUT that is my only criticism of this product.

I loved the smell, so much nicer than that chemical smell that gets right in the back of your throat and it CLEANED BRILLIANTLY! which was a surprise as I was a bit dubious, I was a bit cynical as to whether green meant clean but flipping eck it does! Result!

My top tip as I am just potty training Monty, is to use a couple of squirts of this when rinsing your used potty out, as you know it's not going to burn your mini persons little tushy off!!

Next up to try was the
baby squeaky green baby hair + body wash in rice milk + mallow

Method says:

have you ever wondered why anyone would take something that’s perfect to begin with and then slather it with chemicals and toxins? we have, and we’re against it. we think babies should never come into contact with anything yucky, so we create products as naturally perfect as we can. nature-loving ingredients like rice milk and mallow for an all-over wash that’s gentle on baby. a reusable lid that doubles as a wash cup that’s easy on mum. biodegradable formulas + recyclability to show respect to mother earth.

This product is £5 which is very expensive I admit, but again is my only fault as it smells great, cleans both hair and body effectively and is delicate on the skin ( my main priority) It smells virtually edible too. So my tip would be to save your boots loyalty card points up to make this purchase, well that's what I intend to do!!

Lastly was the baby lotion

Method says:

a nourishing daily body lotion to keep your baby’s skin soft and snuggle-able. just like nature intended.
Want to find out what it's made of? Natural extracts of rice milk and mallow, olive oil, and moisturisers made from sugar are gentle and hypoallergenic and won't irritate as they moisturise sensitive baby skin - especially important since babies absorb more through their skin than grownups.

Again at £5 it's pricey but the product itself is gorgeous, great smell, great absorbency and a little goes a long way, so maybe this would last longer than cheaper alternatives?

So, overall, other than on price, I would recommend these products implicitly. They are fab!

Stockists are
John Lewis
Wholefoods as well as many online outlets.

Check out their website HERE

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