No child of mine crapped on the floor!!!

image taken from seeragallery.com


Mine did.

It was all going so well. Monty had been in big boy pants over a week and yes there have been accidents (to be expected.) But he was also showing signs of holding on for long periods of time, so the accidents have not been more than 2 maybe sometimes 3 a day. Not bad?

I went to collect him from nursery at lunch time and was beaming at the fact that he was still sporting the trousers he trotted off in this morning.

The Nursery Assistant was so excited to tell me he had asked to use the toilet as opposed to the potty and had also done a wee! So proud...but then.... another member of staff gestured to her to check Mo's pants. He'd pooed.

Damn it!

But how did she 'know?'

Oh. As I turned round I saw it, a log of poo on the carpet. It must have vacated his robot Y fronts and rolled down his trouser leg. There were also poo footprints on the carpet all leading to Monty. The evidence was incriminating to say the least!

Oh bloody hell!


  1. Well it wasn't exactly on the floor originally...He tried to keep it private.

  2. I know it's wrong to laugh but I am doing.

  3. Oh do not worry! I was in stitches telling hubby! Poor Mo though!!!!

  4. Well at least it wasn't over your floor...