Creating traditions

The older Monty and Blossom get, the more I am realising that I want life to be about the experience of an occasion ( I'm talking Christmas and Easter here.) Rather than the stuff it brings (I'm talking piles of plastic crap and double figure of Easter eggs.) Not that they get much of a look in at the eggs as I eat them for them for medicinal reasons.

Anyway it is on that ilk that we spent Easter in a park hunting eggs.

The excitement Monty had at snaffling springtime treats from the trees was blissful to watch

Blossom watched her brother in bemusement. Already can't wait to see her with her basket next year.

This is a part of parenthood that I am seriously enjoying. Watching the magic and seeing them believe.

This summer the plan is to go camping and partake in a dusk fairy search. I want it to be the children wearing pyjamas, with torches, little lit tea lights, letters in elf scrawl and treats left by the fairies.

I can't wait.

(Monty's super cool trousers  were made by Nat at Sophie 4 Sophie - they were an Easter treat for both the kids and I love them. Because quite fittingly they make my children look totally Innocent. Which is exactly how it should be. Thanks Nat.)

Dear kids. Sorry Mummy has gone a bit crazy over the royal wedding.

If you had asked me about the royal wedding a few weeks ago I would have scoffed at the cost at the tax payers expence.This  based on the fact that I am married to a police officer and public sector cuts are hitting us hard and blah blah blah!

I also had reservations as to the role model of marrying a rich prince and all your wishes coming true. I'm not so sure how healthy that is.

But anyway.


The closer it got the more excited I became. For the children of course. I arranged for us to spend the day at the park with our family and watch it on massive screens while scoffing a picnic. I wasn't born when Diana and Charles married so I suppose I was excited that this was something that was happening in both my childrens lifetime.

But on the day itself, I seemed to go a tad bonkers.

Both Monty and Blossom were dressed in red ,white and blue.

I was overcome with emotion at what was a beautiful day. I question my hormones frankly.

Memorabilia was purchased, we have fridge magnets, flags, mugs, newspapers and magazines. All for the childrens memory boxes you must understand.

Now I am obsessed, I keep googling for new facts, I must know where they are going on honeymoon I MUST!

And not only that, it is contagious, this wedding fever. Monty has stalked all  the newspapers with me. Looking at 'that man and lady who did a kiss.'

He is even planning his own wedding now. He will be marrying me, and there will be a steel band.