Dear kids. Sorry Mummy has gone a bit crazy over the royal wedding.

If you had asked me about the royal wedding a few weeks ago I would have scoffed at the cost at the tax payers expence.This  based on the fact that I am married to a police officer and public sector cuts are hitting us hard and blah blah blah!

I also had reservations as to the role model of marrying a rich prince and all your wishes coming true. I'm not so sure how healthy that is.

But anyway.


The closer it got the more excited I became. For the children of course. I arranged for us to spend the day at the park with our family and watch it on massive screens while scoffing a picnic. I wasn't born when Diana and Charles married so I suppose I was excited that this was something that was happening in both my childrens lifetime.

But on the day itself, I seemed to go a tad bonkers.

Both Monty and Blossom were dressed in red ,white and blue.

I was overcome with emotion at what was a beautiful day. I question my hormones frankly.

Memorabilia was purchased, we have fridge magnets, flags, mugs, newspapers and magazines. All for the childrens memory boxes you must understand.

Now I am obsessed, I keep googling for new facts, I must know where they are going on honeymoon I MUST!

And not only that, it is contagious, this wedding fever. Monty has stalked all  the newspapers with me. Looking at 'that man and lady who did a kiss.'

He is even planning his own wedding now. He will be marrying me, and there will be a steel band.

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