Errrr just slide the lock to the left Monty!

You may remember from previous posts the very special relationship Monty has with my Grandparents who he calls Bobbobs and DeeDee.

They adore him, he adores them.

And at seventy years old I am always amazed at their boundless energy around him.

They make up any excuse to scoop him up and take him back to theirs, his little suitcase gets packed and he trundles off down the path with them chattering away.

This week was no different, the excuse was:

''Now we've been talking and seeing as you need to have us look after Monty for two hours while you take Blossom to baby massage, well he may as well come and stay with us for two days don't you think?''

So he drags his little suitcase off, all excited to be staying at his special Great- Grandparents house.

Apparently this time he insisted on taking himself to the toilet.

Nothing unusual, until, clink....he locks the door!

My Grandads eyes go wide and my Nans heart rate rises. ( did I mention she has a dicky heart?)


''Yes BoBobs''

''Have you locked the door?''

''Yes BobBobs''

''Can you unlock it there's a good boy''

Long pause.


Oh how I laughed! They got him out but not before he had made my poor old Grandparents voices go quite high pitched!!

Naked Bear Wrestling

picture credits

Monty has a a thing about clothes. He likes to remove them.

I brought him home from nursery last week and took off his nursery shirt so that I could wash it ready for the next day as it was invariably covered in chalk, paint, marker pen, snot, yogurt and dirt.

But he didn't want another t.shirt on, so we are nekkid torso from here on.Then first pee he needs once he's home he removes his shorts and underpants and refuses to put them back on. His red converse boots however, they are allowed to stay on as he needs them on if he wants to go in the garden doesn't he Mummy?This is pretty much what we do now.

So the afternoon is spent completely stark whatnot naked apart from boots. Which does have a rather surreal look to it.

I ignore it and we carry on. This particular avo a spot of baking occurs where he and Daddy create cookies. Monty thinks it sensible to don chefs hat and apron (thank god.)

Then just after Dinner I look down to see Monty naked wrestling his teddy bear under his mini table, legs spread eagle and all his bits and pieces keep disappearing and reappearing behind different bits of teddy.

Luckily I had already eaten.

Anyone else's kid do this?


Just mine?


Raising Awareness


I was approached by Arthritis Research to raise awareness of Juvenile Arthritis.I of course was happy to oblige,if you want to find out more then just click on the link

What is juvenile idiopathic arthritis?

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, or JIA, is really a group of illnesses that share similar symptoms. Idiopathic arthritis is arthritis with no known cause and, just as in adult arthritis, it causes inflammation, pain and swelling in the joints.

Arthritis affects 1 in 1,000 children in the UK and can begin at any age. Most types of JIA are more common in girls.

Most children won't have lasting problems from childhood arthritis. JIA doesn't turn into rheumatoid arthritis in adulthood. And having juvenile idiopathic arthritis doesn't mean that your child will go on to develop adult forms of arthritis.

It's not known exactly what causes juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Every child's illness is different and responds differently to treatment, so it's very difficult to predict how arthritis will affect your child.

Some children may have joint damage that limits their daily activities to some extent, and some could develop osteoporosis when older. Others may need continuing medication, and a few may need joint replacements in adulthood.

However, many children go into what doctors call remission, which means their symptoms disappear, often permanently – about 60% of children with JIA have few or no further problems with arthritis as adults.

About a third of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis will have some continuing problems as they become teenagers and young adults. The transition to adult life can be full of anxieties for any young person and having arthritis can bring additional challenges.

There is no cure for juvenile idiopathic arthritis at present, but there are a number of drugs that can help to relieve your child's pain, reduce the swelling or inflammation in his or her joints, and slow down the advance of arthritis.

If you were interested in donating to aisd research please go to http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/get_involved/donate.aspx

*many thanks to arthritisresearchuk.org for providing the information in putting together this post


Hello, Hiya *waves*


Remember me? No probably not.

I've been away ages. Naughty blogger. Smack my hand etc etc.

But I'm back NOW and I'm not really sure why I went away. I think I just lost my mojo to write all the daily craziness down, and then I felt guilty and then that just made blogging feel a little bit like homework which defeats the whole object. Also I was busy with my babies!

So I had a holiday, a blogging holiday, and now I'm back all refreshed!

So, a little catch up......well....

This little Pickle, is now 14 weeks old.

Obsessed with my boobies, a few more pounds and she's half the weight of her brother!! She is zooming up the weight centiles and absolutely thriving.

Shes smiling, cooing, gurgling and I heart her a great deal. I wish she'd kick her 3a.m boob habit but it's still early days.

(Please excuse the scabby head look in that pic. She had HORRENDOUS cradle cap. Gone now. Phewy! Could of picked a different pic but love her pickle tee in this one)

And this dude....

Excuse the lack of trousers (but he does have his pants on) and the only wearing one sock look. Mo's new favourite thing to do is have teddy bears picnic's. Sometimes it gets a bit far fetched and teddy eats too much and Mummy has to go and get a bowl from the cupboard so teddy can have a hurl. Yup. Seriously!That's some imagination my kid has eh?

Oh and he has also taken to dunking oatcakes in my tea, yes the savoury taste of dust variety. I know. Shudder.

So anyway, I'm glad to be back, and I'll be popping in on your blogs and squishing their cheeks asap!