Hello, Hiya *waves*


Remember me? No probably not.

I've been away ages. Naughty blogger. Smack my hand etc etc.

But I'm back NOW and I'm not really sure why I went away. I think I just lost my mojo to write all the daily craziness down, and then I felt guilty and then that just made blogging feel a little bit like homework which defeats the whole object. Also I was busy with my babies!

So I had a holiday, a blogging holiday, and now I'm back all refreshed!

So, a little catch up......well....

This little Pickle, is now 14 weeks old.

Obsessed with my boobies, a few more pounds and she's half the weight of her brother!! She is zooming up the weight centiles and absolutely thriving.

Shes smiling, cooing, gurgling and I heart her a great deal. I wish she'd kick her 3a.m boob habit but it's still early days.

(Please excuse the scabby head look in that pic. She had HORRENDOUS cradle cap. Gone now. Phewy! Could of picked a different pic but love her pickle tee in this one)

And this dude....

Excuse the lack of trousers (but he does have his pants on) and the only wearing one sock look. Mo's new favourite thing to do is have teddy bears picnic's. Sometimes it gets a bit far fetched and teddy eats too much and Mummy has to go and get a bowl from the cupboard so teddy can have a hurl. Yup. Seriously!That's some imagination my kid has eh?

Oh and he has also taken to dunking oatcakes in my tea, yes the savoury taste of dust variety. I know. Shudder.

So anyway, I'm glad to be back, and I'll be popping in on your blogs and squishing their cheeks asap!


  1. So, Teddy needs a receptacle for his vomit? I'm impressed with the scope of Mo's imagination so far.......Lion shaped turds and a cuddly toy with reflux. The kids a (slightly warped) genius! Love him, I do. Xx

  2. She is just gorgeous. And that is a very lovely top, bet a really nice person bought that one *ahem*

    I look forward to you finding your blogging mojo again, I need a good laugh every now and then.