All the help you can get

Whilst breastfeeding Blossom I have come accross some superb products that have really helped me. And lets face it, breastfeeding can be tough, and sometimes you feel you need all the help you can get.Anything that makes you feel more comfortable and confident can only be a good thing.

The breastvest has been invaluable. Any Mum will tell you, when baby is still new, your gut is....well...JELLY! The thought of lifting my top up and exposing my gut leaves me far more concerned than exposing my boobs!

If you are worried about exposing your postnatal tummy when breastfeeding, as I was then this is the product for you.

Here is the blurb:

Created, designed, tested and approved by breastfeeding mums, breastvest is held in place by specially designed straps and sits just below your nursing bra, comfortably covering your postnatal tummy whilst offering a comfortable layer for support and modesty.

Born out of frustration with boring, expensive breastfeeding tops and stretched necklines, breastvest was invented to make breastfeeding in public easier and to let new mums open the doors to their pre-pregnancy wardrobe while still doing the best for their babies.

I literally wash and wear this product day after day. My only annoyance with it is that I do find the straps slip down my arms slightly. But I am willing to put up with that and keep my tum hidden.

Reasonably priced £14.99 each and available in many great colours.Check them out on their website HERE

Thanks to breastvest for the use of their image.

Another fab find is the MAMASCARF

Mamascarf is an award winning breastfeeding scarf that not only allows mothers to breastfeed stylishly and discreetly but also provides essential support without the need for a cushion. This was something I found extremely useful as it's great being able to feed with your support cushion at home, but this helps when you are out and about by lifting the baby up to you.

It covers you before and after feeding. Which is great for getting baby latched on properly with out Tom, Dick, Harry and everyone they went to school with seeing your nipple!

I find this useful when feeding at my Grandparents house as although they are completely supportive of my feeding, my poor Gramps does blush if he accidently see's a flash of tit!

Well worth the £17.99, this lives in my change bag and I use it regularly.

Thanks to mamascarf for use of the image.


  1. Absolutely love the breastvest, wish I had one of these when I was breastfeeding. I HATED my tummy being exposed and I nearly dropped my son a fair few times wrestling my top down to cover it whilst trying to hold him!