Roll up Roll up! I have an announcement to make!

So I finally have got round to officially announcing Blossoms birth to family and best buds with the this gorgeous artwork created by the fantastic DANDELION LOUNGE
We thought something official was required as even in this modern age twitter, facebook and text is a bit of a poor way to holler to the world that you have had a baby, no?

Actually no it's not as I loved having my hundreds of birthing partners on twitter but you know what I mean. Something pretty and tangible was required to mark the occasion.

I mean with a shiny postcard that can be stuck on a fridge and cooed over. Perfect.

Isn't it yum?

It was so easy, I simply emailed the photo's, and the wording that I wanted, and super quick this stunner winged it's way back to me. CLEVER!

I love the fact that I will have this little beauty to keep forever as a keep sake.

They are providing artwork only designs for just £19.99.
Printed postcards, folded cards and other items are also available at

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