Naked Bear Wrestling

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Monty has a a thing about clothes. He likes to remove them.

I brought him home from nursery last week and took off his nursery shirt so that I could wash it ready for the next day as it was invariably covered in chalk, paint, marker pen, snot, yogurt and dirt.

But he didn't want another t.shirt on, so we are nekkid torso from here on.Then first pee he needs once he's home he removes his shorts and underpants and refuses to put them back on. His red converse boots however, they are allowed to stay on as he needs them on if he wants to go in the garden doesn't he Mummy?This is pretty much what we do now.

So the afternoon is spent completely stark whatnot naked apart from boots. Which does have a rather surreal look to it.

I ignore it and we carry on. This particular avo a spot of baking occurs where he and Daddy create cookies. Monty thinks it sensible to don chefs hat and apron (thank god.)

Then just after Dinner I look down to see Monty naked wrestling his teddy bear under his mini table, legs spread eagle and all his bits and pieces keep disappearing and reappearing behind different bits of teddy.

Luckily I had already eaten.

Anyone else's kid do this?


Just mine?


  1. You are not alone, my two are still like this at 4 and 5. it is fine they are just children!

  2. And with this hot weather i really don't blame him!!!

  3. My two are forever discarding clothes and running around naked. It's gotten so frequent that we barely even notice these days. it must feel nice I guess and heck, if you can't do when you're that age, when can you?

    My daughter has a horrible habit though of lying on her back, holding her toes and then spreading her legs. Not a view you want, even from a 3 year old. And certainly not one grandpa appreciates when he comes to visit! lol!

  4. Hilarious!!! I bet you can see last weeks lunch!!!

  5. I read this post to Mr C in bed and he looked so shocked. I don't think he realised that kids could be quite so mental. Steep learning curve up ahead for him me thinks!

    I love Mo, he is hilarious (in a very good way). I discovered last week that my 6 year old nephew needs to remove ALL of his clothes to poo. He then puts them back on afterward thankfully. I wonder if he does it at school too...

  6. I reckon I'll be joining you before long - Dylan is not a huge fan of clothes & is getting a bit too good at removing them. I fear spontaneous nudity is not too far away :P

    If he's as funny as Mo though, it's all good :D

    (Also, hope you took a photo of the naked chef for teenage years bribery purposes?!)

  7. I sincerely hope there are photos/videos of the Bear wrestling. That's an 18th birthday one for sure?!