Yes but I said sorry?

Little legs has been somewhat of a little shit of late.

Awww bless him your'e thinking.

I am not kidding.

We have started to dread picking him up from nursery as for the last three weeks both The Gorgeous Husband and myself have been told of him pushing, pinching,punching and (sicks up a little in my own mouth.....) BITING. Sigh.

The nursery are concerned as its so out of character for him. And nursery isn't the only place he's been doing it, at home he's been dealing out the slaps and then looking at us with a kind of rabid look in his eye as if to say ''come on then, outside, lets 'ave it''

And the weird thing is when he does it at nursery he explains to the staff, that's it's really ok, because he said sorry.

Well jeez that's alright then. Blimey, well in that case I can think of a few people who'll be getting a slap from me in the not too distant, namely Richard sodding Hammond, or the hamster or whatever his name is. The little fella off Top gear. Cannot stand him. Any way I digress.

So basically I have come up with a plan. I'm sure this is all down to Blossom's arrival and he wants a bit of attention. We've done our best but there's two not one now and I'm splitting myself down the middle as much as possible. So I want to draw attention to the positive behaviour and try to ignore the rest.

Previously he would have a two minute time out on the sorry spot for undesirable behaviour after being given a warning. But this is losing impact so I need a different tactic.

I've made a chart for kind behaviour and we take it everywhere including nursery. He gets a sticker for being a nice chappy to others and we reward on Daddy's rest days by treating him to a day out. He wants to go swimming so all being well that's what we'll be doing.

It's been going quite well and he was excellent at nursery today.

Shit I have to wear a swimming costume.

Oh well my thighs can't have as many rolls as Blossoms.

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