The one where I become less of a fatty?

Blossom is five months old and  despite losing a stone I am still not happy with the amount of baby weight I seem to be clinging onto.

So I intend to do something about it.

Unfortunately for me it is going to involve eating less and moving more. But still consuming enough to breastfeed. Yes people this means cutting out chocolate. And cake.  (I am sobbing as I type.)

I know. YUCK!

Luckily for me I have the support of Maclaren who have given me a twin stroller to review whilst using their stroll back to shape programme

By blogging about it I hope that will give me the incentive and the willpower to succeed. The alternative is public humiliation. And we all know that I have had enough public humiliation in my ickle life (see my urinating on stage post)

So,  target weight is 9stone. No time limit but before Monty and Blossom go to university would be just grand.

Wish me luck people! Oh and Nudie Princess if the next time I see you you flaunt cake at me. That is just mean ok?


  1. ooh good luck! you might like to join in with the personal challenge over at mine... http://wherethebrassbandsplay.com/2010/08/personal-challenge-august/
    I discovered the stroll back to shape thing today. will definitely be doing it too :)

  2. The very best of luck!

  3. Thanks guys!
    I hate the vanity of wanting to lose the weight, but it just doesnt feel like me being a few stone heavier than I am used to.

    So, deep breaths and am getting on that fat fighting bandwagon.

  4. Oh Bec, You are scrumdiddlyumptious, but I know what you mean- if you're not happy, the weight has to go. Maybe I could be your diet buddy, as my butt wouldn't even pass the 10 pencil trick at the moment.
    Couldn't we have just one last blow out at Parklife before we become godesses, just one............

  5. Yeah def. Christ that did not take much persuasion. I DID have a salad yesterday though. *beams*