The Gallery: #Blogadesh

This weeks theme for the gallery at sticky fingers is One day (the 29th to be precise) in August to bring attention and raise awareness of the fact that three great Mummy bloggers Josie,Sian and Eva have travelled to Bangladesh to help Save the Children with their amazing work.

The brief is to use any photo that you took on the 29th of August.

So here is mine. It's not arty or sophisticated, the camera work lacks skill but it basically sums up a lazy Sunday in my house, Monty and Lenny lolling about and Blossom kicking away on her play mat. I look at this photo and realise how lucky my children are, hell even how lucky my dog is! My children are fed, watered, clothed and happy. My dog is walked and if I am being honest a little tubby. All are healthy.

I have heard grumblings this week of the state that our country is in and yet we still send aid to crisis ridden countries. Anyone who thinks like this needs to have a long hard think.

If you are ill we have the NHS in this country.
If you are hungry there are many charities and support agencies that will do their best to make sure your welfare is improved.
If you are in poverty we can to some degree rely on our welfare state to do something.

A lot of people have it so much worse. We have been lucky to have been born here not there.

Think about it.