Losing pounds (and I don't mean money!)

I want rid of my baby weight.

It doesn't suit me, some women suit being bigger, more cuddIey, they glow with bigger boobs and have an hourglass shape. Not me - my face looks like it should have two postcodes and my tummy leaves a lot to be desired.  That coupled with normal sized arms and legs I cut a rather odd looking figure at the moment. Kind of an apple (fruit not the brand!) version of Mr Potato Head.

I was lucky enough to be sent a double stroller by Maclaren in exchange for blogging my journey back to shape. The idea is I exercise with the buggy and fit exercise into my everyday life.

 I started my journey here .I've got to be honest it's really hard! My difficulty is keeping the kids happy in the buggy while I try to exercise. They love breezing along during an epic power walk and I love walking too. But the stress sweats from the small people shouting shouting every time we stop is frankly a bit annoying.

Maybe I need to time exercise around nap time and give Mo a muffin?

Anyway something is obviously working as I have lost 3lb and am now under the 11stone mark which was a huge deal for me.

So I'll keep bombing around, and watching what I eat as it's obviously working and I'll report back!

Oh and I will be reviewing the double stroller soon too. I am very impressed with it!

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  1. So proud of you Bec! That's a great achievement. It is hard. And thanks to your description, I realise that I now look like a Mrs Potato Head as well. I have normal arms & (thankfully) great legs/bum but the most revolting mid-section ever. This is why everyone thinks I'm pregnant. I'm going to make a shirt...Not Pregnant, Just Fat! I'll send you one if you like but I think you're off to a better start than me! :) Good luck sweetie! Well done:D