Three years ago


Three years ago I looked like this!
Three years ago  I woke at 6am with 'period pains.
Three years ago I ignored them.
Three years ago I had 'a show.'
Three years ago I ignored that also.
Three years ago I got up and made a picnic.
Three years ago I went to a picnic on Hove seafront with all of my Husbands colleagues thinking that braxton hicks really bloody hurt.
Three years ago I walked around that picnic holding my back and unable to sit down.
Three years ago I paced up and down to the toilets thinking I probably just needed a dump!
Three years ago my Husbands colleagues kept asking him 'if Mrs M was alright?'
Three years ago I convinced myself that there was no way I was in labour at 38 weeks as the flat was in boxes and we were waiting for the sale  to go through and move into our house and it would all be perfect and......oh.....ouch.....

Three years ago I was wrong!

And  this little fella came to say hi

Monty will be three tomorrow.

I think he will anyway, if you ask him he says 'I think I'm probably gonna be three?'


  1. OK how the hell do you always look so beautiful immediately after giving birth?! Both times Bec come on what is the secret?! Congrats on making it through the first three, hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Monty's 3rd Birthday. Lots of Love xxx

  2. awww happy 3rd birthday monty hope you all have a fab day xx

  3. Me likey your bloggy!! Have you thought of posting a link on Blow Your Own Bloghorn, on www.mummyslittlemonkey.com??? It's a weekly blog hop. Get that naughty Nudie Princess to list herself too. Hope Monty had a fab bday!!!! x

  4. PS: Your Twitter button leads to someone called Tyesha Cowans. Eh?