A superhero party and a decorated cell

Last week we had a party for Monty to celebrate having kept him alive for 3 whole years his 3rd birthday.
The theme was superheroes, as you can see from the picture,lil legs was a rather cute Sportacus from Lazytown. He desperately wanted his Daddy to be Sportacus too, as did the Gorgeous Husband as he is unhealthily OBSESSED with Lazytown let me tell you. But they don't do them in grown lanky fella size so we had to make do with this outfit

Yes (snigger) Daddy was Superman!

We hired the local hellhole sportcentre for two hours where mini people dressed as Spiderman, Batman, Buzz Lightyear, Stormtroopers,Ben 10 , Indiana Jones and  about five kids dressed as Superman went mental played virtuously and wholesomely on a bouncy castle and assorted highly flammable plastic toys.

This was all well and good but then we came to the eating part. The sport centre had provided a cell the size of a gob of spit small but perfectly formed function room. They failed to mention that the room next to ours was holding a Chav Wedding classy affair where people smoked fags celebrated the nuptials of two barely legal fresh faced individuals.

Oh well at least there was cake!

Monty certainly enjoyed the cake and his sister had a Buzz Lightyear dress which someone kept calling a bib

I know, cute right?

Incidentally Parklife Cakery baked the cake. But on the day  I passed it off as my own handywork (as you do.)


  1. We had an amazing time, wish I could dress Piran as Superman every day! The cake was amazing and we had great fun, thank you for inviting us x

  2. Haha! LOVE that you passed it off as your own :) - But hey, you DID make the cuppity cakes, which were equally delicious :)
    Thanks for our invite - we had a SUPER time! See what I did there? :D xx

  3. lady lady lady, twas a lovely party and my thomas the tank(superhero) thoroughly enjoyed his first official party... the cake was yours wasn't it?? and as for the chavs well i thought they were the entertainment!!
    love you all

  4. Am laughing a lot. 'Barely legal'? I couldn't work out which one was the bride, but never mind, they can have a nicer wedding next time.
    p.s Is that my childs greedy hand in the picture of the cake?