Anyone else have a shitty smile?

As Blossom sat wedged into her bumbo shovelling food into her little gob with her little fingers I watched as she paused and the expression that crept across her face was all too familiar. One I had seen many times before on her brother.

You see, they share the same poo face.

Yes that gurney smiley face they both do when they are doing a farty party in their pants.

Which leads  me to wondering, do we all have the same number two face? Is it the family resemblance of many a generation that we all share the same appearance when we are dropping the kids off at the pool of the white porcelain variety?

I am considering jumping in on the gorgeous husband when he is taking a dump to see if he is sporting that all too familiar face that my kids do, that beetroot faced, blood vessel popping, feint poopy grin. Is it him they get it from or me? I rather think it is him, and definitely not me as obviously I never do them, and if I did I would look serene and somewhat like the mona lisa or someone equally as fab.

What about you? Do your kids share similar traits or expressions? Is it a trait shared by the whole family?Obviously not poo face. Think that's just us.


  1. I do not do them either *ah-hem*

    I think kids have that poo face. My little lad used to get it exactly how you described. He still does sometimes.

    Bless um and yes, it's definitely the Dads.

    Becca x

  2. Hmmmm off to ponder poo faces.....

  3. Piran 'concentrates' as we like to call it. He looks very serious and furrows his brow. But you must not look directly at him or he smiles and has to start all over again *ahem*