#TWINEUP! Calling all South Coast Mummy/Daddy bloggers/tweeters

We've been talking about it for months and now we have a date!

On Saturday 23rd October the lovely Cheshire Mum who I adore is arriving down south and it would be rather rude of us not to show her a good time (snigger) so, Brighton is the venue and I'm making arrangements as we speak but basically the evening will involve a lot of lovely people, cocktails, karaoke and of course the obligatory dance in a gay bar. It has to be done.

So if you want to come along,  can you leave me a comment so I can arrange numbers and drop me an email (rebecca(DOT)metcalf1(AT)ntlworld(DOT)com so that I can give you all the finalised details. Or you can tweet me HERE

Also Queen Hannah will be staying at mine,  I have done my front garden in preparation for her visit. Oh that sounds kinky. Not like that.  But anyway, if you want to be educated on the crapest TV ever, she's your gal! Reason enough to come out and play I think?


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  3. Oh balls! Just said I count me in and then realised that it's the same night as my Southampton tweet meet. Nobs. xx

  4. Stupid family holiday *wails*

    I'm so very sad. Please try not to have too much fun without me eh?

  5. I'm really looking forward to it - the more the merrier and the fewer the more booze & space on the dance floor for thee & me! LOL! Claire x