I want it to be this time, tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be getting up, convincing Monty that going without his morning milk is a good thing and making our way to the hospital for 7.30 am.

I have been trying to pretend it's not happening but I cannot bury my head up an emu's bum any longer, apparently Rod Hull (rip) needs it back and denial (as well as not being a river in Egypt) is plainly stupid.

He is only having his tonsills and adenoids out and a couple of grommets chucked in for good measure. It is a routine op. So why do I feel sick?

The operation should change his life dramatically. His hearing will improve. He will hopefully no longer be that kid with the snot. Hell he may even eat something as he should gain the luxury of being able to breath through his nose. Hopefully the sleep apnoea will go and we may manage to get 11 hours solid sleep from him again and he'll stop being such a grouch through tiredness?

All this is great.

I really want him to have this op. I do.

But I wish that I could have it in his place.

And so I guess THAT is why I feel sick. Because THAT is what happens when you become a Mummy.  And I am learning THAT all the time.

Hopefully he'll be back to grinning like this in no time.


  1. Bless your cotton socks! Good luck tomorrow...we'll all be thinking about all of you and waiting for Twitter word from you! Love and hugs and kisses! :)


  2. I had all this done when I was about that age. All I remember is a black operating table . . . and lots and lots of jelly, custard and ice-cream. According to my mum, who felt exactly like you do now, I did a complete 180 turn and was a different child (in a good way) from then on. Eating, sleeping, no more snoring etc.
    Good luck!

  3. Sending you lots of hugs and good wishes. I had tonsils and adenoids done too when I was a little older than Monty but would have been much better off having it done earlier. Even so, I would be feeling exactly the same as you if Jack were having an operation tomorrow. xxx

  4. Good luck tomorrow. It's hell on earth for us, but thankfully he won't remember any of it! And this time tomorrow it will all be over.

    Big hugs to mummy, Monty, You run riot after, you're allowed ;)


  5. Hope everything goes well and you are a brave mummy xxxx
    PS lots of ice-cream, jelly and not ever ever sticky to the throat chocolate x