Three by Nine meme

My buddy Claire has tagged me in her three by nine meme. I am crap at doing memes but as it is Claire I couldn't not.

Simply post your answers and tag your blogging buddies and learn a little something new about each other, so here you go:

Three names I go by: Bec, Rebecca and Boo

Three places I’ve lived: Gibralter, Cornwall and Brighton

Three places I’ve worked: Chessington World of Adventures, The Fold School and at home (my fave!)

Three things I love to watch: The Big Bang Theory, Glee and my really guilty pleasure 90210!

Three places I have been & love: Paris, Jamaica, Bath

Three people that email me regularly: Claire Lancaster, PR's ! and the worst for temptation - stores offering discounts. Darn it!

Three things I love to eat: Cake, cake.......CAKE!

Three people I think will respond:  Hopefully the three I have tagged. Capische?

Three things I am looking forward to: Easter egg hunts, Blossom walking, the summer holidays so I get a whole six weeks of my boy before I lose him to school.

I’d love to read a “three by nine” meme post by: Crap. I cannot remember who Claire has asked. Ok, Kelly at A place of my own, Laura at Are we nearly there yet Mummy? and Karin at Cafe Bebe.

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