Baby loves disco review

* I was given free tickets for myself, Monty and Blossom by Baby Loves Disco to attend this event  in exchange for writing a review. I did not receive any payment other than having our names on the guest list.

I can remember way back when I had just had  Monty finding out about this craze over in America that was just hitting our shores but only in London at the time. I was disappointed and strongly believed it would go down a storm in Brighton. I mean whats not to love about mooching along  to your fave evening establishment during the day and having a boogie with your baby? Beats rhyme time at the library hands down!

''Yeah! Lets like totally boogie yeah?''

As we arrived we were greeted by the DJ box spinning some actually pretty decent tunes ( definitely something for everyone.) And a gaggle of pint sized groupies bopping along in awe.
Monty found it all a bit much to begin with. There was a lot to take in! But  before long he was wiggling and shaking his thang in an inappropriate Lady Gaga fashion (seriously he loves her!) and emptying the snack table before dragging me over to get his face painted.

I was very impressed by the snack table, which was an open buffet of healthy snacks and juices and particularly liked the fact that it was all covered in the price of the ticket. As was the face painting. Great stuff.

Another fab fact worth mentioning is the great buggy storage, a whole floor dedicated to keeping your buggy safe. So often the bane of a Mamas life is where to put your sodding wheels!

But the moment I really fell for baby loves disco hook line and sinker was when Monty asked a member of staff where all the free ice lollies were and she told him they had all gone. His little face was so forlorn she dashed off and gave him hers out of the staff quota! Talk about service.

All needs are catered for, there was plenty to keep Blossom amused as she crawled around the play area, while the others danced.

I am totally doing crawling on nice soft carpet while my big brother struts his stuff!
There was also a cool down chill out area where the kids could grab a crayon and create some art.

Cost of a ticket is £8, and non walking babies are free. The details for the next Brighton Baby Loves Disco are HERE
and for more information about other venues are on the main website which is HERE

I really enjoyed it, and the kids experience will get better each time as it becomes less overwhelming and they get older. We will definately be at the next one in May!

Thanks so much to Baby Loves Disco.

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