From Mummy, with love

One of my favourite bloggers Kelly writes her son Piran a letter every few months. I always read them and they envelope me in such a feeling of warmth and love that I'd like to do the same for my children. So with homage to Kelly and Piran here is my first of hopefully many.

Dear Blossom,

You have been a very busy girl the last few months. You began crawling just after Christmas at ten months old and have left a trail of devastation in your path ever since. I could never get mad though as I watch you and your steely determination and already at only a year old I admire you.

You pull yourself up on every available surface using all sorts of things as leverage. Recently after bath time you used your brothers bits and bobs to help you up. He was not that impressed. I expect it hurt!

You walk with your brick trolly and your wooden dolly pram and everyone tends to keep out of your way as you bang and crash in to all in your wake. You walk holding just one of my hand s and i know it might not be long before you let that one go too.

You have some new teeth, seven in total. They have been causing you to be moody and make very loud screams. Much to the annoyance of your brother who covers his ears.

Monty is the source of all your amusement and you like to mimic everything he does and then fall about in cascades of delicious giggles. This is currently my favourite sound in the world and it could cure all cases of the blues I am sure.

You love nap time and as soon as you are snuggled into your sleeping bag you turn your head to the side, pop your trusty thumb in your mouth and nestle into your comfort blanket.

I am  so proud of your appetite and your ability to self feed delicious and nutritious food. Your current favourite is Mummy's home made fishcakes.

You enjoy our weekly trips to sing and sign class and love to bop along to the songs. No signs yet but you will.

It feels like only yesterday that you were passed to me, seconds after you were born. You were covered in yuck and sounded like a seagull. Despite this you were beautiful, and still are. You have eyelashes to die for and a smile that makes me want to cuddle you up immediately.

I remember our first night, just you and me in the hospital. You woke for a feed and I stirred and lifted you out of the crib and looked deep into your eyes. I was very aware of drinking in every moment of you. You looked at me in such a way that it was as though you already knew me. I have fallen more deeply in love with you ever since.

I love this time of year, the spring and the promise of newness. Lighter evenings and fresher weather. But it is even more special now as it coincides with your birth and I can't help but see your namesake Blossom on the trees and feel incredibly happy that you are here, and that I know you, and you are mine. For now.

Love you baby girl.

Mummy. xxx


  1. This is just beautiful. xx

    I too love K's letters to P.


  2. Oh this is just so lovely. I have been thinking about the 'cascades of delicious giggles' ever since I first read it. Beautiful.