365 days

Last week  Blossom turned one.

It is a complete cliche to say that I cannot believe a whole year has passed. But it has and she is now a bouncing, bubbly ball of energy. A one year old. Gosh.

I have felt so much guilt this year since Blossom arrived. For so many things.

For not doing the same things for her that we did for Monty, in particular a massive birthday celebration.

How silly.  I look back on this special day and realise that it was absolutely perfect and exactly how it should be. No anxiety over cupcakes. No incredibly late night housework or cake icing. No stressing over large numbers of people in our petite terraced house. No keeping everybody else happy.

Just us. Us four. My gang, my brood. And a day all about Blossom.

See for yourself.

Happy Birthday Pickle.


  1. Awww! It looks like a perfect day, happy 1st birthday again Blossom!


  2. *wipes tear* happy birthday Blossom. that looks like a perfect day x

  3. What a gorgeous family you are! Looks like you all had a wonderful day, what more could a little girl want xxx Happy 1st Birthday to Blossom xxx
    ps is that Middle Farm?

  4. Thanks guys, yes Anne good spot it is indeed The farm of the Middle variety :o)