Wooden sandpit ***review***

*We were sent this item for free in return for a review

We love wooden toys in this house. So when I was approached by the lovely Wooden toyshop to sample whatever I liked (within a set budget) for a review I didn't hesitate and chose this  sandpit for our garden.

Monty is so enamoured with his sandpit we often find him playing outside early in the morning before nursery. Which does then equate in a sandy nursery uniform but never mind.

It's just the right size for our very small garden, and being wooden blends nicely with our decking and doesn't intrude in the way a garish plastic one would.

I was very surprised at the £44.99 price tag which includes the cover as well. We just had to add the sand! Great value for money and would make a great gift for a child with a summer birthday.

My only bug bear is the soft cover is quite hard to pull over the hexagonal shape. I seem to get one side sorted and then the other side pops off and have often ended up straddling the sandpit with my butt in the air trying to get all the sides covered. Also, if it has been raining, which it has this month when removing the cover the rain invariably ends up in the sandpit.

Other than that small moan it is a  great value , classic toy. Easy to put together and will give Monty and Blossom years of enjoyment.


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  2. Toddler wooden toys are a safe and sane choice. Wooden toys have a long and successful history as learning tools for children.