Rainy days with my children

This month has seemed to have more wet days than any other I have experienced and to say I have irrational hatred for this month of June would be vastly understating the point.

June 2011 was  a total washout and an utter plonker and needed to have a word in it's own ear and buck up and dry out and just basically sort it out.

Thanks goodness we have sunshine today or I would have developed some sort of weather directed tourettes and been the mad lady shaking her fist at the sky. Actually we do have a tourettes chap that lives by us so for pure originality's sake I'd have to come up with a different mode of attack.


These are the things that have made me happy this sodden month

You see rainy days are perfect for making colourful splodges on paper and whilst we're waiting for our art to dry well it would be rude not to make biscuits wouldn't it?

And unfortunately we always seem to eat them all before Daddy gets home. Sorry about that.

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