Brother Max review

For the purpose of this review I was sent a bib set and a set of bowls from Brother Maxx free of charge.

I have to say I have found these scoop bibs preferable to the normal scoopy bibs on offer, most are really rigid and don't seem at all comfortable for the wearer but as these are made of cotton Blossom was completely happy in them.

I loved the concept of being able to just popper the insert in and out of the scoop and it was very easy to do this.

A scoop bib is an essential with baby led weaning as a lot of food gets dropped in the early days and instead of it being given  to the dog I was able to grab it back from the scoop and give it back to Blossom. They are available to buy for a reasonable £6.99 from amazon.
The only negative was on washing one of the inserts the edge of the bibs colour (red) ran onto the white bib itself, I would of thought the braiding used arounsd a white bib would of been colour fast?

These bowls were great when Blossom was in a high chair with a plastic tray as they stuck very well to the surface. But I have a tray less highchair and they didn't stick brilliantly to my wooden table  to be honest.I like the bright colour as it avoids staining and I love that they are bpa free so no harmful chemicals.I also thought at less than £6 for the set from amazon that they were very reasonable in price.

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