The one with 'nastics'

Finally after two years, yes TWO YEARS of having Monty's name down at the gymnastics centre his name has finally reached the top of the waiting list and he had his first lesson this week.

He was always going to have gymnastics classes, (or 'nastics' as Mo calls it.)I am sure it is written somewhere in his DNA as his Daddy is quite the gymnast.Many a drunken back flip I kid you not, even on our wedding day, in his suit, across the beautiful lawn. He used to teach gymnastics and has always encouraged Monty to do his exercises and point his toes as he executes them.

So off we trundled to the next town to a centre where I used to take the reception class children weekly in my former life as a teaching assistant. It was nice to see familiar faces in his teachers but odd to be a 'parent' this time and not trying to get eleventy small people back into sweaty *gags* tights and spinning backwards jumpers around on tiny torsos. But I digress.

I paid my extortionate amount of money over and thrust Monty towards the other kids and the class began, warm ups and jumping into foam pits and such like.

Then of course the tears, and the 'Mummy cuggle' came.

Shit! I have just paid quite a sum  of moolah and he's not even going to join in? What? I had not even considered this. Bugger.

So we sat. And sat. And sat some more.

And we watched. And watched. And watched some more.

Then his group go over to the trampoline.

'Mummy can I be able to have some goes on that?'

So I did what any nurturing Mother would, I took him to the trampoline, I shoved him in the queue and ran off and hid.

With Mummy out of eye shot hiding stealth like behind a pillar and looking like an utter twat to all the other yummy Brighton Mummy's, he waited patiently in the queue and once he got his turn he executed a perfect seat drop and a 360 degree  turn.

Something odd happened that day, as I watched him spin on the  bars and listen intently to his teachers and stand straight as a pole, eager to please. I had goose bumps, my eyes were a little wet. He seemed to grow up before my eyes in the space of an hour.

I'm starting to come to terms with saying goodbye to my baby, he'll be going to school in September a few weeks after he turns four. But I hope my big boy will stay by me for a bit longer.


  1. Ah, my eyes were a little wet reading that. Go Mo!

  2. Oh bless him! and bless you.

    I may have had a little tear at that too.

    Its a big deal this growing up malarky.


  3. Aww Bec, I actually sobbed.
    My middle girl starts in Sept too and then my baby boy goes next year-he's still in nappies for goodness sake!
    What a fab post Bec, love love love reading your stuff xx

  4. This staring school in September is freaking me out. Sorry for making you guys weep.