So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

Yeah sorry for the naff lyric in the title but it did make me giggle. I wish I could have been a bit more organised over Christmas and New Year and posted right while we were in the thick of it but I didn't. However I want to sum up how magical it was for us this year as we did more, experienced more this year than we have previously. In fact while I'm here I should probably thank childfriendlybrighton.co.uk for pretty much sorting my children's Christmas festivities as we did so much that was suggested on the site and I had it booked in it's entirety by early November!

So anyway, here is what we got up to in mostly pictures.

 We had snow, Blossoms first experience of it!

 We took many trips to Brighton and warming hot chocolate were always needed by lil legs.  (Shortly after this pic he then threw up all over himself. The second time he has done it at the same place. Can't imagine we'll be going back there again. Ho hum.)
 Took the children to see their first pantomime. Cinderella.Blossoms face was such a picture it had me in tears. And they had a Shetland pony pulling the pumpkin carriage. Amaze!
 Blossom (9months) was stuffed into Monty's old 2-4 months snowsuit while I waited for hers to arrive. Sorry about that lady bug. x
 Monty did his first carol concert. This is him waiting outside the church. VERY excited.
 Reindeer ears were required
 Last day of term dressing up, the theme was Christmas. Superman is festive no?
 Snow boots were purchased for what seemed like the coldest winter ever.

 We saw the most realistic Santa. I BELIEVE!
 It was emotional.
 After stuffing Monty into his snowsuit he had an epic tantrum, which was rather like watching Barney on acid. Oh well, we then went to see the burning of the clocks parade in Brighton on the shortest day of the year
 It was a fantastic evening
 The procession was fantastic
 The fireworks were phenomenal
 But Blossom did not even bat an eyelid

 Stockings were left out and filled
 And Christmas day was enjoyed by these two
 Presents were played with
 And we learnt to stand with support
 It turns out plastic toys are not needed (I knew this already)when you have a discovery basket with a whisk
 Blossom has nearly mastered crawling
 And is rocking a towelling robe not dissimilar to what I imagine Barbera Windsor wears in her dressing room
And obviously lil legs has one too! ( I bet Paul O Grady has one like this? Except his would say Paul, not Monty of course)

We had a very Merry Christmas and we hope you did too. x


  1. I love this. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

  2. You make a beautiful family and god damn girl you dress them well!

  3. Thankyou ladybug. Really need to get my self looking up to scratch now in line with my super cool kids!

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