A little bit lovely

Yesterday was one of those perfect days.

I took Monty and Blossom to Brighton, on the train as requested by Monty. We stopped by the pottery cafe on North street and Monty decorated a plate and we made foot imprints on Blossoms plate. They are to give to a very special someone on her imminent birthday.

I took them for lunch and they behaved beautifully which always makes me incredibly proud.

We spent the afternoon exploring the North Laines aimlessly, one of my favourite things to do and Monty loved looking at all the street art while Blossom looked on from the buggy.

Have you noticed that he's refrained from the inane grin that was his usual pose for pictures and is now adopting the mean and sultry look? Ever the artistic temperament.

We finished the afternoon with a trip to the toy museum, on Trafalger Street.Mecca for retro train sets and dye cast cars and buses and puppets and and and........all those things that leave 3year old boys in awe and Parents smiling at the nostalgia.

And then to top it off by chance I ran in to the lovely Naomi aka The Kids Coach and her gorgeous boy.

As always I have childfriendlybrighton.co.uk to thank for brilliant suggestions for things to do with my little people what ever the weather.

I'm only sorry that the gorgeous husband was on a night shift the night before and slept through all the fun.


  1. Ah, great to read. I don't make the most of living here...reminds me that I must take my boy to the Toy Museum...though he will want to play with all the cars!
    Love the pics

  2. I lived there for years and never jknew half of this stuff was there, admittedly i didn't have kids then but still. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Loving the sultry look Mo :)
    Sounds like a totally dreamy day - I'm putting the toy museum on our to do list.

  4. Sounds like u guys had great fun. We love it there too!