Baby led weaning - a follow up

I posted a while back when Blossom was showing signs just before six months of being ready for solid food about my concerns with trying baby lead weaning. And as usual, I received so much help and support, advice emails, tweets from you guys that I decided to give it a go.

I am so glad I did as it has probably been one of the best decisions we have made for Blossom.

So firstly a big thank you to MTJAM, Kelly, Nick, TashaClaire lovely CW (who lent me the book) and Hannah. You all gave me so much advice and gave me the confidence to go for it and I have really not looked back.

It's quite liberating to not have pureed one single batch of anything and she basically eats whatever we do- this little lady really has been weaned on olives and humus!

Great early foods were sweet potato wedges, good quality sausages, split down the middle banana (great tip as if you cut it it is too slippery for little mitts) but the most resounding success has been blueberries. She loves them. Big style.

I have no worries food wise for my little lady and she really enjoys eating whatever is on offer. It has been so easy to go out to eat as a family, she's tucked into garlic bread, chunks of meat, roast potatoes, fried holoumi, fish cakes are a particular fave when dining out.

Sometimes I question whether I am a purist in baby lead weaning terms as after allowing Blossom free reign with a yogurt once I realised that this was an experience never to be repeated until her fine motor skills are finely honed. Ditto that with shepherds or fish pie. Oh and soup.So sorry but in those cases its spoonville. But never pureed mush.Just straight up exactly how we would have it.

So if you are reading this wondering whether to take the BLW route, do it! Chat to people on twitter by using the hashtag #BLW or comment on this post and I can direct you to lovely people.

But in the words of My Daddy Cooks 'Just give em what you have!'

And here she is enjoying her food. Good girl!


  1. What an inspiring post and what a great story (and thanks for the thanks!). I think you have summed up baby led weaning so well. The great thing about BLW is that everyone's experience is different - because every baby and every family is different. And there is no right or wrong way. At its root is a desire to let babies have the power to choose, and trusting their ability to know what they like, what they don't like, when they are hungry and when they are not. That's why there are no hard and fast rules like you should never use a spoon!! The key is to remain "baby led". By keeping in mind that you are following Blossom's lead, you are reducing risks of control issues around food and of meals becoming too much of a battle. Don't get me wrong, in our house, there are days (nay weeks!) where Archie is just being a toddler - wilful, feisty and independent! - and won't eat! But we don't let it become a battleground because we trust him to know if he is really hungry. All of which to say, BLW is no panacea - it certainly doesn't guarantee that kids will eat everything all of the time - but, as a weaning route, in my opinion it is by far the most relaxed and organic approach. Jo and I certainly think it was the best parenting decision we made - and we have made a few verrrrry bad ones too!!!!

  2. I'm so glad it worked out for you! We love it. Eleanor quite often gets spoons loaded for her, though now she's loading them herself for the most part (at almost 15 months), as well as just digging in with her fingers - and sometimes her mouth! As Nick says, there are no hard and fast rules, as long as you follow the baby's lead.

    I hope Blossom continues to enjoy her journey into the world of food!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. It has just been such and easy,enjoyable and satisfying experience for us. So pleased with the result and yes she may not eat like this forever, but we can't as Parents do more than introduce them to the good stuff in the first place eh?

  4. My lo is 2 and a bit now and so far the most enjoyable 'process' has definately been BLW, he thrived on it and still loves his food. I loved seeing other peoples reactions when out and about watching 6-12mth old eating and enjoying the non pureed, healthy food :-) Lovely blog xx

  5. Thanks for the comment Stephanie, I also think its amazing for fine motor skills and manual dexterity. Great stuff can't rave about it enough!

  6. I did a bit of both but K never was really into the puree and just wanted to feed herself! I agree that it is so much easier in the long term and it's great to see her enjoying 'real' food.

  7. Thanks for your comment,I guess back in the day when babies were weaned at 3-4 months purees were neccessity, but at 6months it is a different scenario. So nice to do away with the faff of the mush stage. As you say, see them enjoying real food!