Last year my lovely friend Claire (Cheshire Mum ) tagged me in the theme word meme, whereby instead of new years resolutions you choose a theme word to live your life by for that year. Last year I chose family.And boy did I live by that word.

In March  I gave birth to my beautiful little girl who I see as completing my little family, a trio was amazing, a gang of four? Immeasurable joy. I threw myself completely and utterly in to my little unit and have held my babies closer than I ever thought imaginable. I have made time for the close family that are important to me and likewise they have reciprocated.

So a part of me still holds on to that theme word. But this year my, or our theme word is CHANGE. I don't want to say too much because as a family we are in the initial stages of making the changes that we want to. Those of you who read this blog that are close to me will know what changes I mean. Big ones. Exciting ones. Drastic ones. Changes for the future of myself and my family. I can't wait. But am also a bit scared. the changes are somewhat sacrificial (not in a slaughtering a lamb way just to make that clear!) but for the greater good of the four of us. I will stop there as I don't want to let the cat out of the bag for fear of jinxing any plans.

We have reached a stage where life is for living, no regrets, it is not a rehearsal and all those cliches.But often times the cliches are true. They are in this case.

I'm not going to tag anyone as this is not one of those posts really where I need to, although having said that I am so glad that Claire tagged me last year. x

Not a great quality picture but a very Happy Christmas day image all the same. And these two kind of sum up my post as they have instigated changes in our family in so many ways. Some mental, some physical, some just circumstantial. But changes none the less. And I'm psyching myself up for one of the biggest ones of all.

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