MY #Themeword

My twitter buddy, my twend, one of my tweople, oh sod it, SOMEONE I CHAT TO ON TWITTER, the lovely Claire of Dandelion Lounge blog has tagged me in a meme, in which the task is instead of coming up with new years resolutions, you choose a #themeword. You must choose this word to make a change in how you live your life.


Not easy eh?

So I thought..........

And I did more thinking...............

Hmmmmm. The only big thing I want to change about this year, and stop it from being like last year is basically family.

This year has been a tough one for me family wise, a lot of emotions have been felt. Nothing regarding James or Monty, those two are my rock. Or rather, my rocks.

I'm not going to go into details, as I do not have the words and I'm tired of the thoughts.

But basically this year my family, my unit goes from three (I'm not including the dog- sorry Lenny) and becomes four. We instantly become a tribe. And this makes me feel very emotional. Monty will have a sister, a sibling. Hopefully a playmate, a buddy, someone he'll want to protect. James and I are both only children and I'm ecstatic we are bringing someone else into Mo's life.

So I'm going to enjoy it. So very much.

By the time Pickle arrives, I'll have finished my college course. Finally, as I have been killing myself to get it done in twelve instead of eighteen months so that it's not hanging around while I'm welcoming my newborn litle girl in to the world.

A few weeks before my due date James is sitting his Sergeants exam. This means once these two big hurdles have been jumped we can go back to having 'proper' quality family time, instead of sharing childcare so that each of us gets study time crammed in when he has his days off.

Can't wait. I've missed it.

So my #themeword is family, and I will cherish and protect that little unit like my life depends on it. I'll hold them close and hold them dear because no matter what, they are everything there is, and without everything what is there?



  1. Perfect themeword. I need to post about mine, will get there this week sometime!

  2. I have a meme I owe Mellow Mummy too...can't keep up!!!

  3. Well, I have decided that you need another one - I have tagged you! http://youfoundkelshidingplace.blogspot.com/2010/01/best-things-in-2010-are-free.html