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As I watch the drama and devastation unfold on my TV screen I feel pretty helpless. I look at my child and I feel an all encompassing sense of the enormity of the situation in Haiti, some of these people have lost their kids, some of those kids have lost their Parents. I cannot imagine the magnitude of it. I look at Mo and cannot begin to imagine my life without him, or his life without me.

There is a buzz at the moment amongst parenting bloggers, started by ENGLISH MUM, who contacted her fellow bloggers and urged them all to do something.And do something they have. I was inspired by Tara at STICKY FINGERS who wrote a beautiful post where her son, aged seven was giving his pocket money, money that he had been saving for three weeks.

We'd like to be raise enough money to send many of these boxes to Haiti.
And so we are supporting the work of Shelterbox.org
and encouraging as many of your readers, commenters, friends and family to donate through a Justgiving page.

Each Shelterbox costs nearly £500 and contains urgent supplies for disaster relief, including:

•A 10-man tent designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
•A stove for heat
•Cooking and dining equipment
•The containers themselves can be used as a waterproof cot for a small baby
•Thermal blankets for warmth
•And a children's pack, including drawing books, crayons and pens.
One of these packs could save a family. Read about them at Shelterbox.org
Every single pound counts, so please please don't feel you can't make a difference, because if we all join together we can.
If you've stumbled on this post do something: even if it's to spread the word.

At the time of writing this we have raised over £1600, enough for atleast 3 boxes!

If you want to join in, donate and create a post on your blog and encourage your fellow bloggers to do the same. Make sure you include a link to the
Bloggers for Haiti Justgiving page.

Please bring this post to as many peoples attention as you possibly can, spread the word, donate, 50p or £50, it doesn't matter. Retweet this on twitter, post it as a link on your facebook page, anything to raise awareness and help get those boxes to the destination where they are so desperately needed.

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