A glint in my eye

Laura over at one of my fave blogs has tagged me in a meme to produce for you a blog post sharing with all of you my favourite photo. So first of thank you Laura, because I love to be tagged, but oh my what a task? How to choose?

Initially I began pouring over pictures of Monty, of course, my boy my world and all that. But it was so hard, all my faves capture a moment in time that has passed, he has changed so much since them and ....no...none were quite right.

I honestly spent hours mentally ticking over my bestest pics, then left it for a day and then it came to me!

Most of you who follow me on twitter will recognise the picture so it's not a new image, but none of you will know the story behind the pic. I often look at it as my profile pic or avatar or whatever you want to call it and wonder why I haven't changed it. It is after all 3 years old almost exactly ( it was taken on New Years Eve 2006 going into 2007.) I do not look like that person anymore, I am older, wiser? (Doubtful!) I am the same, but different.

I like this image because a few days before this picture I had had all my very long hair cut into the bob that I still have now, a new me, a fresh start, a clean slate! Who knows what possessed me (hormones definitely?!)

I love it because that evening was spent with my closest buddies and I still have warm memories of that evening.

I like it because I remember a conversation I had in the ladies bogs that evening with my girls Natasha and Grace. It included comments on boobs and dates and 'no I'm not' and 'maybe you are?' and 'I can't be ' and ' I hope I'm not because I'm drunk???'

It makes me smile because I'm a bit flushed, and James is obviously drunk, well it is New Years!

But the REAL reason I love this pic is that unbeknown to me, or even my Husband James is that at the time of the click of the camera I was a tiny little weeny teeny bit PREGNANT! With my little Mo!In this picture he is but a glint in my eye.

It came as a surprise to us both I can tell you and I still vividly remember after doing the test on about the 3rd of Jan 2007 (which was supposed to be negative and was only done to put my mind at ease) I rang James at work and could hear all the business of a bustling police office in the background. I told him and although he just kept repeating the line 'Oh my god' over and over I could tell he was smiling, as I'm sure he could tell I was.

At that point our lives changed forever.

It's been a whirlwind, a roller coaster. But bloody hell. It's been, well, I don't have the word but as I write this my heart is pounding and I have the most inane happy grin on my chubby pregnant (again!) face. So that is how it has been and that is why I love this photo.

So now to pass the meme tag on, I choose Natasha, Kelly, Karin, Emma, Leslieanne

Sorry if you've already been tagged girls, but if not, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  1. It just shows there's a story behind every picture! Good luck for the new arrival.x

  2. Lovely lovely story behind the photo.
    Hope you don't mind me elbowing my way in but the meme came from me and I'm hoping to pull all entries into a gallery, sort of a permanent reminder of all the people who took part and the fabulous stories behind their fav pictures.
    Thanks so much for taking part x

  3. Thanks for the comments, Tara, Nio elbowing at all i am chuffed that you have even read my little blog, as your was one of the first blogs that I started to look at, and one of many that has inspired me to start blogging and a benchmark to get better at it! So ta mucho! x

  4. rubbish spelling .... am tired!

  5. Aww, what a cracking post!
    And such a great story :)
    Every time I see this pic on Twitter now, I'll think ooh, there's a tiny little Mo in there!
    Thanks for the tag too - shall get my thinking hat on...