Frock Me!!!

The lovely CLAIRE LANCASTER tagged me in this clever meme, the task is to get my wedding frock out!

I can't believe it's over four years since we got married, and SO much has happened since, Mr has become a Policeman, we have bought a flat, sold it, bought the victorian house of my dreams (well my dreams for now anyways!!) done it up (all bar the kitchen and bathroom) and not to forget Monty and our soon to be newest addition - Pickle!

Claire commented in her post as to whether she should sell her dress, I have had the same dilemma. On the one hand there is nearly £1000 worth of dress there. We could really use that money.

On the other, surely if I wanted to sell it I would have by now. Something is stopping me?

I am about to have a daughter, who is to say she won't have it customised and wear it, it'll be almost vintage by the time she may get married?

It doesn't take up that much space in my loft and it is beautifully packed in tissue paper to stop discolouration, in a flowery box with a big bow on it, to protect it , and errrr to look pretty?

And... it's MY dress?

What do you think? What have you done with yours?

And in the manner of meme,

I tag........

Tara at Sticky Fingers


Laura at Are we nearly there yet Mummy?

And if you are reading this and want to be tagged, the consider it done, just gimme a linky in your post?

Enjoy ladies!


  1. I have been musing for AGES what to do with my wedding dress. I did consider cutting it up to make a Christening gown for Greer but I chickened out.

    Your dress is gorgeous!

  2. what a gorgeous dress! you look stunning.

  3. Noooooo don't sell it!! You might need to hand it down one day. It's gorgeous x

  4. Lovely dress. Lovely couple.
    Anne x

  5. Oooh, you look gawjus :)

    Definitely hang on to it - would be fab if Pickle can turn it into *her* perfect dress when the time comes :) xx

  6. The dress, and you, are beautiful. Ahhh love a good wedding picture!