For awesome recipes that are easy to make with your kids, aswell as nutritious and DELICIOUS, then look no further than mydaddycooks.com for inspiration. The site shows video blogs of Nick and his 2 year old son Archie cooking great recipes together. It also includes detailed recipes so you know exactly what you need and what to do! Simples?!

As the last two days have been so cold and snowy Monty and I have been having a cook fest, making the banana bread, the savoury pancakes and the yummy carrot and butternut squash soup.
The recipes are really easy to follow and even better use food staples that most Parents of toddlers would have in the cupboard/fridge.

Monty really enjoys helping in the kitchen as I've blogged about before in
THIS POST. And it really is so good for little dudes and little lady dudes to help to put food together as it covers so many vital areas of their developmental learning journey. For example just understanding about combining ingredients is early science. Measuring ingredients is early maths. Understanding where the food comes from is gaining knowledge of the world around us....you get the idea.

So check out the site and get cooking with the tinies, it's so satisfying when they have helped to cook it and then when the completed article is in front of them on a plate they say '' My loves this, this my favourite!!'' as Monty did!


  1. How freakin cute is chef Mo??! :D He can come cook dinner for Dylan & me any day :)

    I can't wait until my little monster's big enough to help out in the kitchen - you always sound like you have so much fun! xx

  2. We totally do, he rocks!
    He has even started to ask to help make sarnies, bless James, he's had some odd looking sandwiches to take to work but sweet!?