Don't eat yellow snow........

I am absolutely loving this weather! Granted it's cold, and an 'inconvenience' especially if you have to get to and from work/commute etc. But I don't mwahahaha! So me and the boy Mo have been filling our (welly) boots and making the most! Ha!

One member of our family in particular has been romancing the snow! Lenny our lab loves nothing more than running around like a loon catching strangers snow balls mid flight(the snow kind not the boy part kind,) bouncing on their snowmen, having optional snow deafness and generally not doing as he's told. Oh and creating yellow patterns up innocent looking snow persons midriffs- usually when they have been carefully crafted (probably by kids) outside someones house. I'm glad I'm not there when they come outside to find that our unruly mutt has pissed up their (snow) parade! Sorry!

However I think the winner of the best snow picture meme award ( If their was one!) has to go to this gleeful image Of Monty and his gorgeous Daddy James!

My two best boys looking very very happy! Lush!

So get out there if you can and enjoy it, it won't last forever and things are depressing enough, make the most of the country's white outfit? Oh and don't get in a fight over a pint of milk. x


  1. That is a fabulous photo! You're right too it won't last forever and it might not be like this again while our little one's are little so we should get out there & get stuck in. You're looking fab by the way! x

  2. Errrr Claire, my face is taking on a size that requires an entire postcode!
    Thanks though.

  3. Amazing photo of flying Monty!
    Yeah you are right, we love a good moan about the weather in this country but should make the most of it :)

  4. I wish Piran was old enough to enjoy it! Love the picture of flying Mo and STOP SAYING YOUR FACE IS FAT!

  5. hehehehehehehe!
    Ok Kelly. xxx

  6. Yup, had to explain to the boy about not even touching yellow snow. He was definitely grossed out when I told him.